Robert S. Becker

NRA ‘Charity’ Ransacks ‘Enlightened Self-interest’

Who knew, before delving beyond Wayne LaPierre’s shrill, defiant persona, that the NRA imbues guns with sanctified moral purpose? Not just sanctimonious but sanctified, and for the public good. Why else would this non-profit “charity” be awarded tax-deductible write-offs?  Our government subsidizes a crass political lobby that infamously once called federal agents “jack-booted thugs.” Talk about the need for better IRS scrutiny!

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Deadline Looms to Fund Critical Ocean Plastic-Trash Film

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5 Giant Contradictions That Are Sinking the GOP

Enough uplifting, all-purpose notions why Obama and Democrats prevailed, some pertinent (like demographics), many laughable: it was Sandy the storm, tons of “stuff” Obama promised, or Democratic voter repression (right!). “No, no,” shout disbelievers, “Mitt was too moderate, or too extreme, his V.P. too fixated.” Or Obama was simply superior on the stump. Below such media noise rumbles a larger tectonic, thus my nomination for what made this election significant: a gang of rightwing contradictions reared up, then crashed and burned.  

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Why the Protestant Work Ethic Is a Menace to Society

Two weeks ago Pew Research pinpointed an historic threshold: for the first time only 48% of Americans deemed themselves Protestant. Yes, the dominant majority since Puritan days has shrunk to minority status, alongside (one trusts) its perennial double: the White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant ruling class.  

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