Robert Hennelly

After Charlottesville, We Should Be in the Streets Protesting Every Day

This article originally appeared in InsiderNJ.

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If Christie Saw Something, He Should Have Said Something

In Newark federal court this week, there’s a lot more on trial than just the two defendants, former Christie administration staffer Bridget Anne Kelly, and former top Port Authority executive Bill Baroni.

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Bridgegate's Enduring Mystery: How Did Port Authority Police Lose Control of the George Washington Bridge?

In the Bridgegate federal criminal trial, set to get underway this week, the most egregious breach of the public trust never made it into the charging document. How could the Port Authority police, entrusted with protecting the George Washington Bridge, a top terrorist target, be enlisted on the anniversary of 9/11 in 2013, to execute the lane closures that prosecutors allege were part of a criminal conspiracy?

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Cornel West: Trump Will Be a Neofascist Catastrophe and Clinton a Neoliberal Disaster

Polls indicate that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got a four-point bounce from the heavily scripted Democratic Party Convention. But it is hard to know the depth and intensity of support from Sanders activists passionate enough to earn themselves a place at the convention. Those are the kinds of activists that could help Clinton the most come November. Yet, an informal survey of dozens of Bernie delegates indicates a lack on enthusiasm for the Clinton cause. No doubt, the decision by prominent Bernie booster Cornel West to go for Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein won't help.

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Donald Trump Is What Happens When You Screw the Middle Class

Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s non-endorsement of Donald Trump last week was about a lot more than resolving the 2016 GOP nomination.

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The Talk-Radio Godfather of Trumpamania: What Michael Savage Can Tell Us About America’s White Working Class

Republicans who want to sideline Donald Trump may think that all of the GOP’s problems can be solved by his defeat. But Trump did not cause the great GOP divide, he’s merely exploiting it. At its core, the alienation of the party’s elite from a huge portion of its base stems from a deep sense of betrayal these voters feel at the hands of the Republican politicians they sent to Washington.

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Pope Francis Versus Vampire Capitalism

Leave it to  Pope Francis, a  Jesuit trained as a chemist, who has only one lung, to breath new life into a tired global environmental debate.

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Chris Christie's New Jersey Nightmare: Why Economic Recovery Hasn't Touched the Garden State

Late in October of 2009, New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie used the Ridgewood Moving Company in Mahwah to stage a campaign event headlined by former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. The cavernous warehouse was packed floor to ceiling with shrink wrapped pallets holding the possessions of dozens of families leaving New Jersey. It vividly symbolized the thousands of Jersey households that made the same decision that year to pull up stakes in hopes of a brighter future anywhere else.

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