Rob Hotakainen

11 Senators Call on Trump Team to Not Mess With Legal Marijuana

11 senators call on Trump team to allow sale of recreational marijuana

WASHINGTON — Eleven senators asked the Trump administration Thursday to allow states to tax and sell recreational marijuana. The senators wrote a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, reminding him that President Donald Trump said on the campaign trail that the issue of legalization should be left up to states. Eight states that have legalized recreational…

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Marijuana Supporters Hand Out Free Joints Before Inauguration

Marijuana supporters hand out free joints before inauguration

WASHINGTON — As hundreds of people lined up for free marijuana in Washington Friday, Kareem Walker could hardly believe the sight. "They're passing out weed, man, it's crazy!" said Walker, a New Yorker, who came to the marijuana giveaway to sell T-shirts that bore a catchy phrase in honor of the day: "When they go low,…

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Vote on Sessions is "Make or Break," Pot Groups Say

Vote on Sessions is 'make or break' for marijuana legalization, pot groups say

WASHINGTON — Backers of marijuana legalization on Monday stepped up their pressure on the U.S. Senate to block the confirmation of Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions as the next attorney general. Sessions, a staunch opponent of legalization, angered proponents in April when he called pot "dangerous" and said that "good people don't smoke marijuana." Marijuana backers…

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Donald Trump and Marijuana: Will 2016's Two Biggest Winners Get Along?

Donald Trump and marijuana: Will the two biggest winners of 2016 get along?

WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald Trump and President Barack Obama don't agree on much, but they do have one thing in common: Both say that marijuana legalization should be left to the states. "In terms of marijuana and legalization, I think that should be a state issue, state by state," Trump said at a campaign event in…

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Marijuana Advocates Are Bummed About the End of the Obama Era

Marijuana advocates are bummed about the end of the Obama era.

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