Rick Gell

5 Big Reasons to Rally Around Obamacare This Year

The legal mandate is gone. But let’s not fret. It is now essential the Democratic Party and progressives everywhere rally around the ACA and transform the legal mandate in 2017 to a “Moral Mandate” in 2018. Until Medicare for All becomes a reality, progressives should make registering for health care as core to our beings as registering to vote, ensuring the vitality of the ACA in 2019.  

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Google and Facebook Are Major Outlets for Media - So Why Aren't They Held Accountable for Spreading Fake News?

In Part 1, we looked at the consequences of two laws—the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Communications Decency Act, enacted 20 years ago—that allowed Silicon Valley giants like YouTube and Facebook to act as platforms and not publishers. These laws release them from personal responsibility for copyright infringement, slander and libel, if they followed take-down procedures in a reasonable amount of time.

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Sexism Antidote: Democrats Should Commit to an All-Woman Ticket in 2020

The Democratic Party should embrace an all-female ticket and a platform centered around health care, income equality, diplomacy, humility and human rights—right now.

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Cable News Attention Deficit Disorder Is Harming America and Preventing Progressive Change

The NRA, climate destroyers and other corporate actors harming our culture and society rely on the myopic, single-issue nature of cable news to promote their agendas and maintain the status-quo. It doesn’t have to be this way.

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TV News Has an Ugly Role in the Pharma Epidemic That Has Killed 200,000 Americans

Over the two years covered in the explosive 60 Minutes/Washington Post joint-investigation “Ex-DEA Agent: Opioid Crisis Fueled by Drug Industry and Congress,” there was no coverage by any major TV news outlets of the four versions of the bill or its final signature by President Obama.

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Why Blanket TV Coverage of the Vegas Shooting Actually Does More Damage to the Country

Our country cannot afford blanket coverage of the massacre in Las Vegas, or any other tragedy, anymore.

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Take an SNL Break and Laugh With Our Chaos President

Alec Baldwin, fresh from his Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for impersonating President Trump, returned to Saturday Night Live for the 43rd season opener. SNL comes off a banner year, also winning Outstanding Guest Actor in Comedy Series for Dave Chappelle, Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for Melissa McCarthy's viral portrayal of Sean Spicer, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, again, for Kate McKinnon, and for the first time since 1993, Outstanding Variety, Musical or Comedy Series for SNL. 

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5 Reasons Trump's Sports Taunts May Be Different and Could Really Hurt Him

It’s dangerous to predict anything in the age of Trump, particularly about Trump himself. While Politico recently labeled him Teflon Don, my argument is Donald J. Trump’s NBA and NFL tweets and his assaults on Steph Curry, Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James may stick. In 2020, with most votes already accounted for, the battle may again come down to a few hundred thousand votes in a few swing states. There will be thousands more tweets, and hundreds of battles to go, but Trump may live to regret his disruption in the sports arena.   

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Good Riddance to Tom Price, Trumpcare's Snake Oil Salesman

Tom Price, the Secretary of Health and Human Services who led the four failed Republican efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, resigned because of improper use of private charter jets and even more costly military transport.

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