Richard E. Frankel

'Lying press' and the Nazis: The long and troubling history behind Trump's attacks on 'the enemy of the people'

At an election rally in Cleveland in October 2016, two supporters of Donald Trump were captured on video shouting, “Lügenpresse!” What was going on? Why would people who are looking to Trump to “Make America Great Again,” be shouting a German word at one of his events? And what did it mean? The “lying press” — an idea at the heart not only of Trump’s campaign and presidency, but of his entire worldview.

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A Historian of The Holocaust Details the Shocking Precedent for Trump’s Decision to 'Terrorize Children'

In recent days, millions of Americans have seen the shocking, heartbreaking images of children—crying, screaming, hysterical children—being ripped from the arms of their parents and sent away to a newly constructed camp in the Texas desert. So many of us have been justifiably outraged by the news. Here are children, arriving with their parents after a perilous journey, seeking asylum from the life-threatening conditions in their home countries, being terrorized by agents of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE). And all of it part of a deliberate policy implemented by Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, and Stephen Miller in their ongoing effort to re-build a white, Christian America through the exclusion (in this case through terror) of all those they deem to be outsiders.

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Donald Trump's Latest Attack on Americans With Disabilities Isn't Just Atrocious Bigotry - Look At the Policies He's Enacted

Shortly after the outbreak of the Second World War, Adolf Hitler began a program that involved the selection of a particular group of people for extermination. They were people he considered undesirable and dangerous. First, they were transported to special facilities. Upon arrival, they were told to undress and then led into a room designed to look like showers. Once they were all inside, the doors were sealed and carbon monoxide gas was released into the chamber until all were dead. Afterward, the bodies were removed and burned.

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Professor of German History: Why Trump's Response to Charlottesville Is Frightening on Historical Levels

As a scholar of modern German history, I’ve been working on a study of antisemitism in Germany and the United States in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. What I saw unfold over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia and then at Bedminster, New Jersey gave me the horrible, sinking feeling that my book is going to need a new chapter.

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