Richard Luscombe

Florida Officials Warn Irma Will Be 'Storm Wider Than the State'

Florida residents were racing to complete final preparations on Friday as Hurricane Irma, slightly weakened from its peak but still packing enormous destructive power, cast a dark shadow over the southern half of the Sunshine State.

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Here's How Climate Change Could Turn U.S. Real Estate Prices Upside Down

If Florida gleaned anything from Hurricane Andrew, the intensely powerful storm that tore a deadly trail of destruction across Miami-Dade County almost exactly 25 years to the day that Hurricane Harvey barreled into the Texas coastline, it was that living in areas exposed to the wrath of Mother Nature can come at a substantial cost.

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Island Residents Oppose Robert De Niro's Plan for Caribbean Mega-Resort

Plans by movie star Robert De Niro and Australian billionaire James Packer to build a 391-acre mega-resort at Princess Diana’s favourite Caribbean hideaway are stirring controversy in Barbuda, where opponents accuse the island’s government of trampling citizens’ rights in a rush to push the project through.

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Jury Fails to Convict a Man for Shooting a Teen to Death over Loud Rap Music

A jury has declared that it could not reach a decision on whether a Florida man, who shot dead a teenager in a dispute over loud music, was guilty of murder or had acted in self defence. 

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George Zimmerman Is 'a Sandy Hook Waiting to Happen,' Says Police Chief

A series of indiscreet emails by a Florida police chief has revealed his belief that Trayvon Martin's killer George Zimmerman is a volatile character who is "a Sandy Hook waiting to happen".

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George Zimmerman Acquitted in Trayvon Martin Case

George Zimmerman walked free from a Florida courtroom late on Saturday after a jury acquitted the neighbourhood watch leader of murdering Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager, in a violent encounter at his gated housing development 17 months ago.

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Jurors Hear Opening Statements in George Zimmerman Trial

George Zimmerman, the neighbourhood watch leader who shot dead an unarmed teenager in his Florida housing development in a case that sparked controversy across the US, believed it was "his right to remove anyone he believed didn't belong," a jury heard on Monday.

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