Rebecca Pilar Buckwalter Poza

The Supreme Court ruling that should keep Trump up at night

Terance Martez Gamble was convicted of second-degree robbery, a felony, in 2008. As a result, he was barred under both state and federal law from possessing a firearm. Nevertheless, he was caught with a gun during a traffic stop in 2015. He was successfully prosecuted for that offense—first by Alabama and then by the federal government. The state conviction earned him just a year in prison, which he completed in May 2017, while the federal conviction resulted in a sentence almost four times as long. As a result, Gamble isn’t due to be released from prison until February 2020.

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From the Legal Drinking Age When to When He Lost His Virginity: Here Are All the Lies Kavanaugh Told on Fox News

Ahead of Thursday’s hearing on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s assault allegation, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh chose to take to Fox News with wife Ashley in tow. There, he struggled as much with the truth as he did during his confirmation hearings—maybe more. 

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