Rachel Krantz

6 Tactics Advertisers Use to Objectify Women and Animals in Similarly Horrible Ways

The concept of woman as property emerged around the same time as the agricultural industry. Today, advertisements still reflect society’s attitude that women and animals are both commodities to be traded in; collections of body parts, rather than whole and free individuals.

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Don't Be Fooled by These 5 Misleading Dairy Ads Peddling the Preposterous Myth of the 'Happy Cow'

For most of my life, I genuinely believed the false advertising used to sell dairy. When I learned the truth—that nearly all cows used for dairy are kept inside, locked up, forcibly inseminated, and hooked up to painful milking machines—I was heartbroken. How had I never put two and two together: that for humans to consume cow’s milk, mother cows must have their calves taken?

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'An Inconvenient Sequel' Conveniently Leaves Out One Big Truth

At the end of An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power, the audience is asked to take the pledge to #BeInconvenient—to keep demanding schools, businesses and towns invest in clean, renewable energy. “If President Trump refuses to lead, Americans will,” the call to action reads, encouraging viewers who want to fight climate change to use “your choice, your voice, your vote.”

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