Philissa Cramer

The Battle Over Public Schools Moves to Center Stage in New York City as New Leader Challenges Privatization Agenda

The populist poetry of Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s campaign has officially entered prose mode with his appointment of Carmen Fariña as chancellor.

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Would You Want to Be Graded on Your Co-Workers' Performance?

A Bronx performing arts school’s dance instructor will be judged on students’ English exam scores. Physical education teachers at a transfer school in Brooklyn are going to teach Olympic history lessons to prepare students for the history tests that will help determine their ratings. And teachers in Queens are putting the fate of their evaluations into a final exam that they don’t teach, but yields high pass rates.

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New York City Principals: 'We Won’t Use Test Scores to Screen Students'

Distressed by state tests that they say did not reflect the way they want students to learn, several city principals are pledging not to use the scores to help them pick their students.

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NYC Students Panic and Cry while Rushing to Finish New Standardized Tests on Time

If students post low scores on the sections of the state reading test administered today, it might be in part because many could not finish in the allotted time.

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NYC Mayoral Candidate Wants City to Pay College Tuition for Top High School Grads

The city should ease the path to college for top high school students by promising them free tuition at city colleges, Comptroller John Liu said [last week] in a “State of the City” speech, his second in 2012.

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New York City Anticipates Turmoil as Most Students Resume Classes

As more than 90 percent of [New York] city schoolchildren head to school today for their first day back after Hurricane Sandy, some with extra sweaters to ward off cold, Department of Education officials will have their sights set on the 102 schools that still cannot reopen.

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Who Needs Certification? NYC Dept. of Ed. Wants to Train Teachers on the Fly

If the Department of Education gets its way, new teachers won’t have to enroll in local colleges or universities to get certification to work in city schools.

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Will Teacher Bashing Backfire in NYC?

On Friday, the New York City Department of Education lifted its embargo on thousands of Teacher Data Reports, which grade the City's teachers based on progress made by their students on a set of standardized tests. These ratings, which have been acknowledged by the DOE to contain margins of error significant enough to render them unusable as a singular method of evaluation, were nevertheless released by New York's major news agencies when the embargo was lifted -- linking individual teacher names to their scores, and enshrining them in the public record.

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