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How Much Would You Pay for Air? It Sounds Absurd at First - But They Already Got You to Pay for Water

The following is an excerpt from the new book  All You Can Pay: How Companies Use Our Data to Empty Our Wallets  by Anna Bernasek and D. T. Mongan (Nation Books, 2015): 

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How to Travel as a Political Act

Excerpted from Rick Steves Travel as a Political Act (Second Edition) by Rick Steves, with permission from Avalon Travel, a member of the Perseus Books Group. Copyright © 2015.

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Why Are Americans Spending More on Healthcare Than Any Other Nation, While Getting Lower-Quality Care?

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Elizabeth H. Bradley and Lauren A. Taylor's new book, The American Health Care Paradox: Why Spending More is Getting Us Less (Perseus Books, 2013).

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The Anti-Immigrant Paranoia That Drives Shawna Forde to 'Patrol' the American Border

The following is an excerpt from David Neiwert's new book "And Hell Followed with Her: Crossing the Dark Side of the American Border" (Perseus Books, 2013), an inside look at the paranoid and  anti-immigrant extremists known as the "Minutemen" and the terrifying story and psychology of movement leader Shawna Forde.

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Why Do We Idolize Jerks?

From the book Ascent of the A-Word by Geoffrey Nunberg. Reprinted by arrangement with PublicAffairs, a member of the Perseus Books Group. Copyright © 2012.

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