Paul Tullis

Can Cash Allowances Help Kids' Brains Grow?

Ever since the election of a Republican majority in Congress in 1994, the trend in assistance to the poor has been to reduce it. Work requirements for recipients, time limits on assistance and stricter eligibility conditions to receive food stamps were all part of the 1996 welfare reform overhaul signed by President Bill Clinton. The result was fewer kids receiving aid, and those who did received less money. In 2015, while 15 million American children, or about 21 percent, grow up in homes with incomes below the official poverty line—which many children’s policy experts maintain is set far too low—just 2.3 million of them received welfare benefits, down from a peak of 9.5 million in 1993. (The poverty rate was even higher in California.)

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Unions and Trump Face Off in Vegas, and the Unions Are Winning

settlement was announced Thursday between Trump International Hotel Las Vegas and the National Labor Relations Board, adding to the multitude of citations, liens, judgments and lawsuits against its parent company for failing to pay employees and contractors, and for other unfair labor practices. The company must pay $11,200 to two employees, one of whom was allegedly fired for his union support. The other worker, according to the NLRB complaint that led to the settlement, was denied a transfer to a full-time job. Trump International accepted the settlement, which averts a trial before an administrative law judge of the NLRB.

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