Paul Oswell

Meet the Male Writers Who Hide Their Gender to Attract Female Readers

Sean Thomas’s first published books were unsuccessful. They were literary, mostly, exploring themes of masculinity in the modern world, and they did not sell well. As middle age crept up without financial security, his agent began nudging him towards Da Vinci Code-inspired thrillers. He couldn’t see putting his real name on them. “My own name was associated with freelance journalism about art, sex and politics, and had the taint of literary failure. Also, it just wasn’t butch enough”, says Thomas. Tom Knox, his new alter-ego, was born, and sales soared.

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Meet the Burlesque Dancer Who Was Fired For Her Voluptuous Curves

A week after Mardi Gras, it is business as usual in the neon gaudiness of New Orleans’s dive bars and strip clubs. That is, except Lucky Pierre’s. The club recently made a minor change to its regular burlesque lineup and by doing so, unwittingly reaped the wrath of an entire global community.

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