Paul Craig Roberts

Why America's Police Are More Dangerous Than Criminals

The worse threat every American faces comes from his/her own government.

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It's Time for Americans to Admit That We've Had a Coup d’etat

The American people have suffered a coup d’etat, but they are hesitant to acknowledge it. The regime ruling in Washington today lacks constitutional and legal legitimacy. Americans are ruled by usurpers who claim that the executive branch is above the law and that the US Constitution is a mere “scrap of paper.”

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Have Americans Traded Freedom For Security?

Obama's dwindling band of true believers has taken heart that their man has finally delivered on one of his many promises -- the closing of the Guantanamo prison. But the prison is not being closed. It is being moved to Illinois, if the Republicans permit.

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Will Obama Exploit the Unemployed as Recruits for a Ramped Up War in Afghanistan?

Is there intelligent life in Washington, D.C.?  Not a speck of it.

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