Patrick Kingsley

Why Syrian Refugee Passport Found at Paris Attack Scene Must Be Treated With Caution

One of the most chilling details from the Paris attacks is that the passport of a Syrian refugee was found on or near the body of a dead suicide bomber. The Greek government has subsequently said that someone using the passport was among the refugees who landed in the Greek islands in early October, and the Serbian government says the passport was again used to cross its southern border a few days later. 

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There Are Officially 866 Atheists in Egypt

No one in Egypt can agree on how many people live in Cairo, let alone the precise ratio of Muslims to Christians. But senior government clerics are quite sure of one thing: there are exactly 866 atheists in Egypt – roughly 0.00001% of the population.

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Hosni Mubarak Cleared of Conspiring to Kill Protesters in Egypt’s 2011 Uprising

The former Egyptian dictator, Hosni Mubarak, whose overthrow came to symbolise the promise of the Arab Spring, has been cleared of the murder of hundreds of protesters who called for his removal in 2011.

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Israel Launches Fresh Air Strikes in Gaza in Response to Rocket Fire

The temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas was in jeopardy on Tuesday after rockets were fired from Gaza, triggering a swift military and political response from Israel.

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Egyptian PM Defends Crackdown as Death Toll Rises - More than 525 Dead

Egypt's interim government and its backers remain defiant amid a rising death toll and widespread international condemnation of Wednesday's massacre of Islamist supporters of the ousted president Mohamed Morsi – the country's third mass killing in six weeks.

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Egypt's Military Arrests Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Leader - Adi Mansour Sworn in as Interim Head of State

Egypt's new military rulers have arrested the Muslim Brotherhood's supreme leader, security sources say, and issued warrants for up to 300 other members hours after ousting the elected president, Mohamed Morsi, and taking him and his aides into military custody.

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