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Two Trump supporters from The Villages confess to voting twice in the 2020 election

Two residents from The Villages confessed to voter fraud charges after filing two ballots in the 2020 presidential election, court records show. Charles F. Barnes and Jay Ketcik pleaded guilty to casting more than one ballot in an election, a third-degree felony that could have resulted in a maximum five-year prison sentence. According to the pre-trial intervention documents, the prosecution of Barnes, 64, and Ketcik, 63, will be deferred if they abide by a series of court-ordered requirements set by the office of Ocala-based State Attorney Bill Gladson. Court records show the men will avoid f...

Politics won the battle against public health in Florida with Ron DeSantis' high-fiving at Trump rally

Mark down Monday, Oct. 12, 2020, as the date when Ron DeSantis officially stopped pretending that public health was more important than politics.That’s when Florida’s governor walked into a packed Donald Trump rally in Sanford, high-fiving fans on his way to the stage. No mask. No social distancing. Just acting like everything was perfectly normal on a day when the state reported nearly 2,600 new coronavirus infections and 48 COVID-19 deaths (the next day it was 119 dead).What an evolution for the governor since April 1, when Florida reported 1,027 new infections and just 15 deaths and DeSanti...

5 Killed in Workplace Shooting Near Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. — Five employees were killed in a shooting at Fiamma, a business on North Forsyth Road near Hanging Moss Road near Orlando, the Orange County Sheriff's Office reported Monday morning. The shooter — a former "disgruntled employee" who was fired in April — then killed himself, Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said. The shooter…

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