Ondine Sherman

The Kangaroo Meat Industry Is Horrifyingly Popular in the U.S.

New evidence has recently been unearthed about Australia’s kangaroos. Their ancient ancestor can now be traced back 24 million years to Palaeopotorous—the starting point of all known kangaroo species. Fossils of a few small teeth were discovered in the hot Australian desert, hidden away in a museum for thirty years, and nearly forgotten until now.

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U.S. Ranked as Second Worst Nation in the World on New Animal Cruelty Index

This is a remarkable time for animals. We have a U.S. president who cares little about protecting animals and, yet, an American public with a tremendous potential for positive change.

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A Dog Is a Cow Is a Pig: In the World of Sentience, There Is No Difference (Video)

We witness our beloved pet pooches and feline friends experiencing moments of joy, pain, fear and even grief. We accept that they feel, they have an emotional world of their own. With this understanding, comes a moral imperative and legal framework to protect them from suffering.

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