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Debunking Latest Tax Cut Advice To Trump From Alternative Fact-Filled World of Pro-Corporate Economists

There’s a robust debate to be had as to why the New York Times published this op-ed on the alleged economic benefits of trickle-down tax cuts, as virtually every paragraph touts an alternative fact. It is the opinion page, I guess, and the authors (Steve Forbes, Larry Kudlow, Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore) advise, or at least advised, the president. So I can see why it’s there. But it does require debunking, so thanks NYT, for some make work.

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Why Does Anyone Still Take Paul Ryan Seriously?

Zipping across the land with a nice internet connection, so a good time to reflect a bit (looking down on clouds from above broadens the perspective a bit, I find).

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November Jobs Report: Better Than Expected but Still Evidence of a Weak Recovery

The job market in November performed notably better than expected, especially in light of expected damage to hiring from late October’s Hurricane Sandy.

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Romney's Tax Plan STILL Fails the Test of Basic Math

I watched the debate the other night with a bunch of students and other seemingly normal people far outside of the DC beltway.  After the debates were over, we talked about what we’d just heard and everyone was totally confused about Gov Romney’s tax plan.  They just didn’t get how he’s going to a) lower tax rates by 20% for everyone, repealing the estate tax and the Alternative Minimum Tax while b) not losing any revenue to the system, and c) not raising taxes on households below $200,000.

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