Nicole Rodgers

Time to End 'Nuclear Family Privilege' - Let's Overcome Irrational Nostalgia for a Version of Family Long Since Transformed

On Sunday, Anne-Marie Slaughter took to the New York Times to persuasively indict the toxic, anxiety-producing expectations of the modern workplace. It’s the product, she argues, of an “antiquated and broken” system, and it simultaneously hinders America’s competitiveness and the ability for us all to care for our families. Says Slaughter: “We used to have [an infrastructure of care]; it was called women at home.” Slaughter argues that “a workplace designed for the ‘Mad Men’ era, for ‘Leave It to Beaver’ families in which one partner does all the work of earning an income and the other partner does all the work of turning that income into care” is holding all of us back.

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Is Romney's Outdated View of Family a Threat to Modern Society?

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