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Tiny Plastic Microbeads Are Being Banned in States Across the Country for ‘Causing Mega-Problems’

A year after imposing a statewide ban on plastic bags, this week California could come significantly closer to passing the country’s strictest ban on another environmentally damaging plastic product: microbeads.

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Will JP Morgan Crooks Finally See the Inside of a Jail Cell? 7 Things You Need to Know About Banker Arrests

Four years after Wall Street’s malfeasance dealt a telling blow to the economy, and long after tens of billions of dollars have been paid out for banker fraud, reports say that we’re about to see the first arrests of Wall Street bank employees. What’s more, the suspects work at JPMorgan Chase – a bank which, ironically enough, politicians and pundits insisted was the “good bank” after the financial crisis hit in 2008.

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A Welcome Return to Basic Decency?

During his long career as the most famous talk radio host in modern history, Rush Limbaugh has only rarely apologized for his rhetoric — so when he does, it's worth pondering the contrition's deeper meaning. Was his apology last week for calling a Georgetown University student a "slut" just a shrewd move to undercut a potential defamation lawsuit? Was it a frightened response to an intensifying backlash from advertisers? Does it prove the power of the liberal political organizations who have an ideological ax to grind against Limbaugh?

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