David Sirota

Trump Administration Mysteriously Grants Lucrative Waiver to Bank That President Owes Millions

The Trump administration has waived part of the punishment for five megabanks whose affiliates were convicted and fined for manipulating global interest rates. One of the Trump administration waivers was granted to Deutsche Bank — which is owed at least $130 million by President Donald Trump and his business empire, and has also been fined for…

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Tax Bill: Fossil Fuel Provision Would Personally Enrich Republican Lawmakers

When Texas Sen. John Cornyn slipped an obscure tax break for pipeline giants into the GOP tax bill, he wasn't just helping major Republican Party donors, he was also potentially helping 16 of his congressional colleagues. Together those 16 lawmakers — 13  Republicans, three Democrats — own multimillion-dollar stakes in the special investment vehicles that stand to benefit from Cornyn’s amendment. They include three of members of the Texas Congressional delegation: Sen. Ted Cruz and two top Republicans in the U.S. House.

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Robert Reich: How Clinton and Obama Failed to Defend the Middle Class

How did Donald Trump win the presidency? In a new podcast interview with International Business Times, former Clinton adminstration Labor Secretary Robert Reich says the Republican was able to take advantage of voters' frustration with both parties' failure to confront corporations' growing power over American life — and Reich faulted Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama…

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Can Socialists Win the American Suburbs for Democrats?

Can Socialists Win The Suburbs For Democrats?

Should Democrats present a moderate corporate-friendly agenda to try to win suburban swing voters, or should they instead embrace the populist politics of Bernie Sanders? Lee Carter, the self-described socialist who won a pivotal election in Virginia this week, says the latter path is the only way forward. In a podcast interview with International Business Times,…

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Were the 2016 Democratic Primaries Rigged?

Was the 2016 Democratic primary rigged? It depends on what your definition of the word “rigged” is — but a top campaign adviser to Bernie Sanders declared that after new revelations this past week, “it is unquestionably the case that the DNC was not neutral” during the contest. That declaration came during an International Business Times…

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Pussy Riot Founder Slams Liberals' Obsession with Putin

Vladimir Putin has become a fixture in the U.S. political conversation, as a majority of Americans have come to believe he helped rig the 2016 election for Donald Trump. Yet one prominent anti-Putin activist who was jailed by the Russian government says, in a new podcast interview, that America's political class is deliberately promoting an inaccurate…

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The Department of Justice's Corporate Watchdog Resigns in Disgust, Slams Trump on the Way Out

One of the Justice Department’s top corporate crime watchdogs has resigned, declaring that she cannot enforce ethics laws against companies while, she asserts, her own bosses in the Trump administration have been engaging in conduct that she said she would never tolerate in corporations. Hui Chen -- a former Pfizer and Microsoft lawyer who also was…

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Why Progressives Lose - Even In California

As Republican lawmakers grapple with their unpopular bill to repeal Obamacare, Democrats have tried to present a united front on health care. But for all their populist rhetoric against insurance and drug companies, Democratic powerbrokers and their allies remain deeply divided on the issue — to the point where a political civil war has spilled into…

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Impeach Trump and You’d Get ‘Zealot’ Pence, Franken Says

If Donald Trump were impeached, as some Democrats would like, Mike Pence “would be worse” for domestic policy than the current president, U.S. Sen. Al Franken told International Business Times. But the vice president would be less dangerous on foreign policy, said Franken. Franken made the comments in an interview with IBT during a stop on…

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Trump's Businesses Have a Long, Nasty History of Money-Laundering Charges

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller, appointed to lead the probe of alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, is reportedly examining whether or not President Donald Trump’s associates violated money laundering laws. That scrutiny is hardly unfamiliar to Trump, as his business empire has been repeatedly sanctioned for violating those statutes. He even at one point…

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