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Lee Camp: How to Write Propaganda for the NY Times - As Demonstrated in an Article About Me

On June 7, the New York Times vomited up a hit piece on little ol’ me – a guy who has been doing stand-up comedy for nearly 20 years and thought maybe that comedy could be used to inform and inspire audiences, rather than just make fun of the differences between men and women.

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The Brexit Ushers in a New Era of Rebellion Against Neoliberal Economics

British voters delivered a stunning repudiation to their political and economic elites by voting to leave the European Union by a margin of 52 to 48. The fallout has already started. The pound is down by over 11%, and some experts anticipate that it could ultimately fall to as low as 1.05 to the dollar, its low in the early 1980s sterling crisis. British bank stock prices have fallen by roughly 25%. Safe haven investments have spiked: gold is up 6% and the yen has traded through 100 to the dollar. The Nikkei fell by 8% and US stock futures suggest that the Dow could open down by 600 points.

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Destroying Medicare to Save ObamaCare: Hillary Clinton’s 'Public Option' Plan

“The narrative” is that Sanders is pulling Clinton left, and one example is Clinton coming out in favor of a “public option” for Medicare. Unfortunately for the narrators, Clinton’s proposal is insultingly unserious, the “public option” has always been a defense against single payer rather than a step towards it, the Democrat nomenklatura remains as implacably opposed to single payer as it has ever been, and, most important of all, the “public option” — as a neo-liberal, market-based solution — could have a significant negative impact on Medicare. In other words, Clinton attempt to save ObamaCare politically by supporting a “public option” is — to mix metaphors terribly — a poisoned chalice for the health care system, and not an olive branch to the left. Let’s get the narrative out of the way first, and then treat the rest of these topics in order

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Uber Spends $100 Million to Save Its Business Model, But It May Have Just Doomed It

I’ve written before at this august site about how Uber’s business model is to arbitrage state and federal law and replace a monopoly with a different monopoly. They obviously placed a high value on the arbitrage. How high? About $100 million:

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Greece's PM Accepts Most Creditor Terms as Merkel Insists on Referendum

Post-bailout expiration dynamics are likely to produce even worse outcomes for Greece than it had on offer from the creditors last month. It isn’t just that the bailout funds of €7.2 billion are gone; it’s that Greece has gone over an event horizon with stringent capital controls on and the ECB ready and able to push the Greek banking system over the brink.

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How Wall St Has Quietly Bilked Billions from Cities Across the US

A recent report by Saqib Bhatti of the Roosevelt Institute describes a number of financial deals between Wall Street and municipalities as predatory. Bhatti asserts that these dirty transactions have forced cities and states to cut essential services to pay off the financial sector. On Tuesday, Bhatti's ReFund America project issued a new report specifically directed at the financial problems of Chicago and calling on the city to fight back in the courts and elsewhere against these deals.

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Obama Endorses the Bankers' Plan to Crush Greece

This story first appeared in Naked Capitalism.

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How Karl Polanyi's 'The Great Transformation' Changed My Views on the Economy

The first Christmas-New Years period for my website Naked Capitalism, in 2007, we featured a series “Something That Changed My Perspective,” which presented some things that affected how I viewed the world. The offerings included John Kay on obliquity and Michael Prowse on how income inequality was bad for the health even of the wealthy.

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The Student DebtCropper System: Even the Destitute Hounded by Debt Collectors

This article originally appeared on Naked Capitalism, and is reprinted here with their permission.

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