Lambert Strether

Destroying Medicare to Save ObamaCare: Hillary Clinton’s 'Public Option' Plan

“The narrative” is that Sanders is pulling Clinton left, and one example is Clinton coming out in favor of a “public option” for Medicare. Unfortunately for the narrators, Clinton’s proposal is insultingly unserious, the “public option” has always been a defense against single payer rather than a step towards it, the Democrat nomenklatura remains as implacably opposed to single payer as it has ever been, and, most important of all, the “public option” — as a neo-liberal, market-based solution — could have a significant negative impact on Medicare. In other words, Clinton attempt to save ObamaCare politically by supporting a “public option” is — to mix metaphors terribly — a poisoned chalice for the health care system, and not an olive branch to the left. Let’s get the narrative out of the way first, and then treat the rest of these topics in order

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