‘When I Die, Bury Me in Palestine’: the Journey of a Refugee from Syria

Ahmad Younes and his family are safe for now, but they never know when their situation might change. As part of the recent EU-Turkey deal on refugees, Ahmad and his mother could face deportation if they do not receive asylum in the United Kingdom, the country where they have lived since fleeing Syria’s Yarmouk refugee camp nearly two years ago.

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The Ravaged Face of America’s Drone War in Afghanistan

Last year, four-year-old Aisha Rashid was stripped of everything a child can lose. As reported by other outlets, on September 7, 2013, in the eastern Afghan province of Kunar, a U.S. drone hit the pick-up truck carrying the young girl’s family. Fourteen passengers, mostly women and children, were killed. Only Aisha survived – with a ragged face.

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This Is What a Refugee’s Funeral Looks Like in Greece

Ahmed’s funeral took place on the top of a small Greek mountain on the island of Chios, overlooking the Aegean Sea that he died crossing.*

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