Mona Chalabi

Can You Pass the US Citizenship Test?

Anyone hoping to become a naturalized US citizen must pass a civics test that assesses their knowledge of US history and government. To pass, applicants need to get at least six of 10 questions right.

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A Sneaky Way to Hurt Social Justice: Cut U.S. Census Bureau Funding

Here’s a free bit of advice to power-hungry leaders who are concerned about bad PR: don’t publicly take away people’s rights, just stop counting the abuses. After the US Census Bureau was given a painfully tight budget this April, the Director decided yesterday he would not be the one to implement it. He resigned, ending a 27-year career at the Census Bureau.

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Is America a World Leader in Nepotism?

Hi, everyone, how are you? If your name is Ivanka (there really aren’t that many of you), then maybe you had a great week. Maybe you got a new job with your dad with perks like access to classified information from the US government (chances are much higher if your last name is Trump).

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Statisticians Fear Trump White House Will Manipulate Figures to Fit Narrative

US statisticians are concerned that Donald Trump’s administration might suppress or manipulate public statistics that don’t fit his narrative of the truththe Guardian has learned. In a series of interviews, individuals who have recently left high-level positions at federal statistical agencies expressed worry that the administration may stop collecting and publishing data on subjects such as abortion, racial inequality and poverty.

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Trump's Angry White Men and Why There Are More of Them Than You Think

Michael has presumably had a rough day. Nine hours working as an exterminatortakes a physical toll on the 45-year-old, who didn’t go to college, makes $33,000 a year, and relies on a steady swarm of pests to pester people in his 90% ruralcounty.

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How Much Caffeine Is in Your Favorite Drink?

There's a drug whose appeal shows no sign of slowing. It's a stimulant for the central nervous system and it was an ingredient in 136 million bags exported around the world in 2012.

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Shutdown: What Happens Now?

At 12:01 am Tuesday 1 October, a new financial year began in the US. But it started without a crucial new bill to approve funding, and as a result, all non-essential government services 'shutdown'. Here are the need to know numbers about how it happened and what the consequences might be.

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