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Colorado-Owned Florida Cannabis Company Opposes 'Colorado-Style' Legalization

Jake Bergmann is Atlanta’s go-to guy on cannabis investments even though it’s only barely legal there. In 2015, Georgia parents won a hard-fought battle to get extracted high-CBD medicines to epileptic children in the state, but most still don’t have safe access. Although it is now legal for these families to obtain a permit that exempts possession, there is no in-state licensed production, so families must break federal law by smuggling the medicine across state lines.

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How the Trump Campaign Got Its 'Golden Ticket' to Big Marijuana

“I don’t have pollsters. I don’t want to waste money on pollsters. I don’t want to be unreal, I want to be me, I have to be me,” Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told Meet the Press’s Chuck Todd last year.

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The Human Face of The Opioid Epidemic And How Cannabis Can Help

You [expletives] still didn’t get the job done! Just let me die!”

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Cannabis Doesn’t Lower IQ, But Alcohol Might

new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that, after controlling for environmental factors, cannabis use did not lead to a drop in IQ, and that other factors were more significant than cannabis use. This is good news to the nearly 20 million Americans who frequently use cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, as well as the half of the American population who have ever used it.

This study is the first of its kind for a couple of reasons, the first, is that the researchers actually controlled for environmental factors; previous studies have failed to adequately control for confounding variables such as alcohol use. The second reason this study is unique is because it is the first to look at both fraternal and identical twins, measuring how their IQ changed over a decade. Twins are ideal for research because they share known amounts of DNA, and they also commonly share the same environment (home, schools, parental upbringing, etc).

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Cop-Out by Design: The Truth About CBD-Only Laws

Beginning in 2014, after Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s first CNN special called Weed, America saw a new restrictive type of medical cannabis law passed in Utah — one that only legalized cannabidiol (CBD) and only in the form of cannabis oil. Soon, Alabama, Kentucky, and Wisconsin all passed their own versions of the bill; now we have a total of fourteen states that have legalized CBD-rich oil but no other forms of cannabis use. New York passed a restrictive cannabis law that allows more than just CBD, but smoking is still illegal; they also have an agreement with GW Pharmaceuticals to do clinical trials on GW’s CBD product, Epidiolex. New York is one of the 23 states, plus DC, to have legalized whole-plant medical cannabis, while the NY law is very restrictive and has a pro-CBD bias, at least it allows access to more than just CBD medicine.

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Weed and Water in California: Pot Isn't the Problem

California has been in a drought for the past four years. Most of the state has received under 10 inches of rain, meeting the criteria to be labeled a desert. This conundrum has made California a testing ground for a battle over water rights, where cannabis growers are being unjustly scapegoated as the culprits behind the worst drought the state has seen in over a millennium.

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How a Legacy of Racism Could Stain Florida's New Medical Marijuana Law

This piece is a follow-up to a piece which first ran in The Leaf Online, titled “Corruption Alleged in Drafting of Charlotte’s Web Rules.

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