Angela Bacca

Green Rush Blues -- California Cannabis After Legalization, Part II: Black Markets Matter

Old Kai is an Emerald Triangle-based distribution business licensed by Mendocino County to transport cannabis from the farms and brands it works with to the main marketplaces in cities to the south. The company took all the steps required by the state and county to make their business compliant with the new laws and regulations, and they were excited to provide product to Bay Area dispensaries in anticipation of the January 1st roll-out of legal sales.

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Green Rush Blues: California Cannabis After Legalization

The huge underground cannabis economy was woven into the commercial fabric of California long before the 2016 passage of Proposition 64, which legalized marijuana for adult use. Transforming a shadowy, multibillion-dollar industry into a heavily taxed and regulated structure presents unique and enormous challenges. Who will gain and who will lose under the new regime? Will the expected financial dividend from legalization be broadly distributed throughout the Golden State? California’s cannabis regulations are supposed to accomplish two key objectives: Curtail illicit sales and rein in extensive harm to the natural environment caused by black market growers. But the way legalization is being implemented could have the opposite effect. Steep taxes, higher operating costs, and an insatiable out-of-state demand for California cannabis all but ensure that the black market will survive – if not thrive – in the near term and ecological abuse will continue, as Angela Bacca reports in this special, three-part series.

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Colorado-Owned Florida Cannabis Company Opposes 'Colorado-Style' Legalization

Jake Bergmann is Atlanta’s go-to guy on cannabis investments even though it’s only barely legal there. In 2015, Georgia parents won a hard-fought battle to get extracted high-CBD medicines to epileptic children in the state, but most still don’t have safe access. Although it is now legal for these families to obtain a permit that exempts possession, there is no in-state licensed production, so families must break federal law by smuggling the medicine across state lines.

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How the Trump Campaign Got Its 'Golden Ticket' to Big Marijuana

“I don’t have pollsters. I don’t want to waste money on pollsters. I don’t want to be unreal, I want to be me, I have to be me,” Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told Meet the Press’s Chuck Todd last year.

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Why Florida's Medical Marijuana System Is Ripe for Corporate Takeover

In June 2014, the disgraced former CEO of Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) signed Florida’s medical marijuana bill into law. It was a fitting beginning to a regulatory process that has been marred by shadowy fraud in the selection of lucrative vertically integrated licenses in what could become one of the largest medical marijuana markets in the country. The state appears poised to double down upon the fraud, and in keeping with Governor Rick Scott’s legacy of putting healthcare profits before people, some of the new law’s provisions could shield corporate revenues at the expense of fragile patients.

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Inside a Marijuana-Themed Wedding: Family, Festivities at a Booze-Free Night Celebrating a Couple's Love

To most Americans, it was Wednesday. For cannabis enthusiasts everywhere, it was the highest of holidays. For Justice and Cory Schafer, it was the ultimate celebration of love and freedom, both Oregon’s first legal 4/20 and their wedding day.

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As Marijuana Goes Mainstream, California Pioneers Rot in Federal Prison

Behind the headlines about President Obama’s historic visit to federal prisons and highly publicized releases of non-violent drug offenders, the numbers tell a different story. Despite encouraging and receiving more clemency petitions than any president in U.S. history—more than the last two administrations combined, nearly 20,000—very few federal prisoners are actually being granted clemency.

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One Mom's Race to Legalize Medical Cannabis in Her State and Potentially Save Her Daughter's Life

When she was born, doctors didn’t expect Remie Miette Ellett to live. In anticipation of her death, her mother gave her the name that means “sweet little remedy.”

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The Unbearable Whiteness of the Marijuana Industry

Wanda James is the only black legal cannabis dispensary owner in the state of Colorado and she has held that distinction for a long time.

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The Surprising Truth About Driving While High

The following article first appeared in Cannabis Now Magazine

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