Mike Crawford

Why Are They Still Prosecuting Pot Cases in Massachusetts?

With marijuana having been legalized through the ballot in Massachusetts, and with it now being legal to grow 12 cannabis plants in a household, one might expect to see any existing small time marijuana grow cases to be dismissed.

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There's a Govt.-Led Grudge Match Against a Cannabis Doctor in Mass.

Under normal American circumstances, when someone wins a full and complete appeal on a case, he gets his rights restored. At least, that's how it is supposed to work.

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Political Elites Are Trying to Wreck Massachusetts' New Marijuana Law

That didn’t take long.

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Deception, Dirty Dealing, and Duplicity: The Low Down Campaign to Keep Marijuana Illegal in Massachusetts

There are some things that opponents of the marijuana regulation initiative in Massachusetts don’t want to talk about. They’re not interested in addressing how the commercial alcohol industry bankrolls their cause and fills the campaign piggy banks of elected officials. Nor will prohibitionists answer for apparent election and ethics law violations being committed by influential Question 4 (marijuana legalization) opponents, or the lies that have been used to artificially buttress their position.

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Legal Pot in Massachusetts - Voters on the Edge

No matter how you slice it, there’s a stark statistical reality regarding marijuana reform in Massachusetts over the past decade: it’s undefeated at the ballot box. This includes binding state-wide initiatives that were passed by voters (decriminalization in 2008, medical marijuana in 2012), and a large number of non-binding public policy question (PPQs) that were also run in state House and Senate districts since 2000.

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