Michael Green

Trump threatens to veto first-ever Congressional action on 'forever chemicals'

A handful of multibillion-dollar chemical companies have waged war on our bodies and our environment for nearly 70 years without our knowledge or consent. Although the federal government—tasked with protecting the public and upholding the law—became aware of this chemical assault 20 years ago, it chose to conceal the truth, downplay the threat, and expand the use of a class of chemicals known to endanger the health of present and future generations.

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3 Steps Americans Must Take to Prevent Another Economic Meltdown

A year and a half after the catastrophic failure of our economic system in September 2008 and we are still standing at the crossroads, trying to figure out where to go next. Wall Street and the White House are fighting over new regulatory rules for the banking system and a trade war with China threatens. Real change seems a long way off and we have not even started talking about some of the deep-rooted causes of the crisis -- the failure of corporate leadership, the problems in how we measure success in business, and the top-to-bottom financial illiteracy that allowed such a massive bubble to inflate.

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