Melissa McEwan

Utah Miscarriage Law Reduces Women to Fetus Incubators

Last week, Utah governor Gary Herbert signed into law Utah HB 462, known ignominiously as "the miscarriage bill". It was a reworked version of the original bill, introduced by Republican State Representative Carl D Wimmer, adjusted to address criticisms that the initial language "could have got women sent away for lifelong prison terms for falling down stairs or staying in an abusive relationship". The revised version "designates the 'intentional or knowing' miscarriage as criminal homicide" and "stipulates that a woman can be charged with homicide for 'the death of her unborn child', unless the death qualifies as legal abortion".

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Nobel Prize in Economics Goes to A Woman for the First Time

And she's from my home state, too! Woot!

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One Step Closer to Torture Prosecutions?

Attorney General Eric Holder has been teasing us for awhile with tantalizing hints he may actually investigate Bush-era torture cases, and now it looks like we're possibly one step closer, as the Justice Department's ethics office (which I believe was either dormant or on paid vacation during the Bush administration) has recommended investigations.

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WaPo Runs Fluff Piece on Anti-Choice Zealot Randall Terry

The Washington Post published a big profile of anti-choice leader Randall Terry today, and it's positively sickening in its whitewashing of his history.

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Is Marty Peretz Insane?

Years ago, I had a subscription to The New Republic.

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Kentucky Pastor Tells Followers to Bring Guns to Church

If there's one question to which I've always longed for an answer, it's: Who Would Jesus Shoot?

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Michael Savage Feels Oppressed

"The white Christian heterosexual married male is the epitome of everything right with America, and yet it is the white Christian heterosexual married male who has been made the beast of America."

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How Much Longer Will Michael Steele Have the Helm?

"Aww, trust me. Not me Baby! Nuh-uh. Not happening. No way, no how!"—RNC Chair Michael Steele on whether he would resign his position, March 5, 2009.

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Kathleen Sebelius Confirmed as Secretary of Health and Human Services

Not only has Kathleen Sebelius been confirmed as Secretary of Health and Human Services, she has been confirmed by a 65-31 vote, which means that there are, even yet, some Senate Republicans with functioning brains. Huzzah.


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