Maya Rockeymoore

The Massive Media False Equivalence Scam Between Democrats and Republicans

One of the most riveting narratives released in recent weeks was not a tweet issued by the president elect, but a transcript chronicling the tragic final hours of 33 crew members who died on the El Faro, a merchant ship that sank in the midst of Hurricane Joaquin near the Bahamas in October of 2015.

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Did the People Who Took Home Oscars Really Deserve Them, Given How Biased the Process Was?

When Hollywood’s glitterati walked across the stage Sunday night to accept their Oscars, one wonders whether any of them had doubts about whether their awards were truly deserved, given that they resulted from a biased process.

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Why Reparations and Social Security Matter for African Americans in the Election

As Ta-Nehisi Coates and Steve Phillips become the latest in a lineage of black scholar/activists who have worked to push the boundaries of policy discourse about the feasibility of reparations for African Americans, it is important that we not lose sight of existing policies that affect the bottom line of black households.

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How NBC Whitewashed African-American Issues at Sunday's Democratic Debate

Amidst outrage about the Academy Awards whitewashing the Oscars, NBC News has managed to commit a similar misstep by largely whitewashing a Democratic presidential debate hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute. Held on the eve of Martin Luther King Jr.’s holiday, the debate was presumably intended to uplift and highlight issues facing the African-American community.

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The Race Wealth Gap Is Even Worse Than You Think

The preoccupation with Donald Sterling, the wealthy Los Angeles Clippers owner who was slapped with an NBA ban after a recorded conversation revealed that he didn’t want his female companion associated with black people, confirms that professional sports has replaced religion as the opiate of the masses.

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