Marwan Bishara

How War Hungry Pundits Get U.S. Foreign Policy Dead Wrong

Why are US President Barack Obama's recent approval ratings on foreign policy dismal, asks one pundit, when he does what a majority of Americans like him to do? 

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The Dark Cynicism Behind Cold War Revivalism

Blowing hot air about a Cold War redux has reached new heights following the crisis in Ukraine. It revealed the level of hysteria among Russian and American ideologues. So much, that even the cool-headed began to speak of the need to avert another Cold War "we cannot afford".  

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Dangerous Words: Calling Putin 'Hitler' Stokes Western Belligerence

Arrogance like ignorance is a generator of stupidities. But while the latter is excused, arrogance-bred follies must be eschewed. In that way, politicians and academics that know better than to compare Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler cannot be excused. Arrogance is inherently indifferent and frequently malicious.

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The Egyptian Military That's Killing Civilians Right Now Is American-Trained, American-Equipped

As the situation escalates into a full-fledged confrontation between the Egyptian military and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, Washington is once again playing catch-up with its own clients.

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Equality for Women Is Clearly Not on the New Pope's Agenda

In light of the historic resignation of one pope and the election of another, my Al Jazeera show Empire has travelled to Rome asking after the future of the Catholic Church as it bleeds worshipers and loses influence. As we take stock of the new Pope's priorities, it's clear that the role of the women in Church isn't one of them.

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15 New Rules That Bill Maher Should Adopt When He Talks About Islam on His TV Show

I enjoy watching “Real Time with Bill Maher” whenever I can, and I especially appreciate the wit and humour of his New Rules. Alas, whenever the subject of Islam and the Middle East pops up, the show turns ugly. To avoid the cynicism that mars the Maher show, a few new rules are in order.

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