Martin Pengelly

Mickey Mouse and Jesus Among Write-In Votes that Helped Sink Roy Moore

Votes for Mickey Mouse, football coach Nick Saban and “any other Republican” were among more than 22,000 write-ins in the Alabama Senate election the Democrat Doug Jones won this month by a little less than that number.

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Michael Moore vs Trump on Twitter Finally Happened

Michael Moore’s Broadway show may not have brought down a president, as its advertising tagline suggested it might. But it did distract one. On Saturday, six days after the end of the show’s run and on yet another day of high political drama, Donald Trump tweeted his ire.

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New Documentary Reveals Koch Brother Company Devastated Arkansas Community for Easy Profits

The documentary Company Town opened in New York City on Friday night, for a short run at Cinema Village on East 12th Street. Introducing a sold-out screening, New York state attorney general Eric Schneiderman said co-directors Natalie Kottke-Masocco and Erica Sardarian had captured one of the “quiet tragedies that are taking place all across America all the time”.

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Ivanka Trump Is Really Making This Claim About Her White House Job with a Straight Face

Ivanka Trump, special assistant to the president, told Fox News on Monday: “I try to stay out of politics.”

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White House Staffer's Tweet Calling for Primary Challenge Opens Republican Rift

The internal strife rending the Republican party continued on Sunday, as one member of the House Freedom Caucus pledged to defend another if a primary challenge from a Trump-backed candidate, controversially threatened by a White House aide, should ever come to pass.

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Ben Carson Says Muslim President Would Have to 'Subjugate' Beliefs

The Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson on Sunday marked his surge to within one percentage point of the frontrunner Donald Trump with a return to his controversial comments about whether a Muslim could become US president.

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Richard Dawkins Questions Ahmed Mohamed's 'Motives' and Sparks Backlash

The evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins found himself at the centre of controversy on Sunday when he questioned the motives of Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old boy who was arrested and detained in Texas when a teacher thought a clock he had made was a bomb.

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Joe Biden Aides Discussing Possible 2016 Run With Democratic Leaders, Report Says

The dying wish of Vice-President Joe Biden’s son was reportedly that his father run for the White House in 2016, against Hillary Clinton.

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Bernie Sanders Calls For 'Political Revolution' Against Billionaire Class

Heralding what he called “the most unusual political career in the US Senate”, the 2016 Democratic presidential candidateBernie Sanders on Sunday called for “a political revolution” against “the billionaire class”.

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