Ben Jacobs

Could the Democrats Flip One of the Reddest Seats in the Senate?

In one of the strangest political developments of a strange political year, Democrats may have a shot at winning a Senate seat in Alabama, one of the most conservative states in the country.

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Kim Jong-un, the NFL and 'Screaming at Senators': Trump's Strange Night in Alabama

Donald Trump gave one of his signature stream of consciousness speeches in Hunstville on Friday night as he tried to get out the vote for embattled Alabama Republican senator Luther Strange.

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How Comey Became Tangled in the U.S. Election - and Why It Led to His Downfall

FBI director James Comey loomed over the presidential election as a highly contentious figure, an extraordinary predicament as the sitting director of the nation’s top law enforcement agency.

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Washington Officials Say They've Never Seen Anything Like the Chaos and Ineptitude of Trump's White House

When press officers at the White House glance up from their desks, they are constantly reminded of their boss’s big day. On the wall, in thick dark frames, are photos: Donald Trump taking the oath of office, giving a thumbs up at his inaugural address, bidding farewell to Barack Obama, waving to the crowd during his inaugural parade, dancing with his wife at an inaugural ball.

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Jeff Sessions Confirmed as Attorney General Despite Controversies

A closely divided Senate confirmed the nomination of Jeff Sessions to be attorney general on Wednesday after a historically tumultuous confirmation process that saw the senator from Alabama come under fire for his views on race and civil rights.

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Trump Approvingly Recounts Urban Legend of US General Who Had Muslims Shot With Bullets Dipped in Pig's Blood

In his final campaign rally before the South Carolina primary, Donald Trump repeated an urban legend about John Pershing, the commander of the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I, committing war crimes while serving in the Philippines. Trump seemed to endorse these actions as well. 

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Bad Blood Between Jeb and Trump Erupts at GOP Debate

The rancour between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush exploded on the debate stage on Saturday, as the two traded insults over the legacy of George W Bush’s fateful decision to invade Iraq.

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Donald Trump Sweeps to Victory in New Hampshire Primary

Donald Trump, once an object of mockery and scorn by many in the political establishment, has won the New Hampshire Republican primary.

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Trump Repeats Crowd Member's 'Pussy' Insult as New Hampshire Votes

Donald Trump used his final rally before Tuesday’s New Hampshire presidential primary to sling a litany of insults at his rivals, raising eyebrows when he repeated an offensive remark from a member in the crowd who shouted that Ted Cruz’s position on waterboarding made him “a pussy”.

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