Maggie Caldwell

WATCH: Wolves Have Some of the Worst PR in the Animal World -  This Short Film Sets the Record Straight

Wolves have some of the worst PR in the animal world. From the Big Bad Wolf to the one in sheep’s clothing, mankind has turned the wolf into a monster, viewed with suspicion and hostility.

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Seven Ways Congress Is Trying to Destroy the Endangered Species Act

Members of Congress have introduced more than 80 proposals aimed at gutting the Endangered Species Act this year. Thirteen of these anti-wildlife measures have been added to House and Senate must-pass spending bills. Congressional leaders and the White House are now in intense negotiations that will determine whether these and other anti-environmental provisions are included in the final government spending bill.

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5 Foods You May Not Know Are Genetically Modified

The following article first appeared in Mother Jones.Click here to subscribe. 

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