Madison Shockley

My Family Has Been Racially Profiled Everywhere from Harvard to Our Own Home

What happened to Michael Brown Jr. in Ferguson, Missouri has resonated across the country with African Americans because all of us feel that it could have easily happened to any of us.

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How a Racist Judge Inadvertently Made the Case for Gay Marriage

Earlier this month it was reported that a justice of the peace in Louisiana refused to perform the wedding of an interracial couple. Justice Keith Bardwell claimed he was not a racist, having married black couples in his own home, but explained that he declined all interracial marriages out of concern for the children of such unions. He voiced the belief that the children of interracial couples have a difficult time in life. I guess he missed the last election, when an Ivy League-educated lawyer and senator was elected president of the United States. You don’t have to be perceptive to be a racist, just fundamentally irrational.

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