Kwame Rose

Korryn Gaines Family Announces Lawsuit Against Baltimore County Police

Earlier today, the family and legal team representing Korryn Gaines, the 23-year-old mother killed by Baltimore County Police in August of this year, gathered to announce the filing of a lawsuit against the police department before the completion of an investigation of the incident by state authorities.

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Movement For Black Lives Releases a Political Agenda That Stretches Far Beyond Police Violence

Just days after the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention, the movement for black lives released a detailed political agenda. Some of the demands focused on ending the war on black people, reparations for slavery, investing into black communities and away from corporations, and finally community control and political power. Now the coalition was made up of over 50 different grassroots organizations representing thousands of black lives matter activists from across the country. In the upcoming weeks, the Real News will host in depth debates and discussions about each demand and we look forward to having those conversations. But now joining me to discuss todayÂ’s released are two guests who played an integral part in creating this political agenda. Our first guest is Janae Bonsu, the national public policy chair of BYP100. She is a black feminist, activist, organizer, and scholar based in Chicago. Our second guest is Montague Simmons. HeÂ’'s with the organization for black struggle who is heavily involved in the Ferguson uprisings and the movement for black lives policy table.

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