Kaili Joy Gray

Laura Bush Welcomes Pro-Rape Crowd Into Republican Tent

Laura Bush says there's room enough for everyone

In what apparently was an extraordinarily slow news day at CNN, former first lady Laura Bush sat down with Erin Burnett to share her deep thoughts on how Republican men sort of scare the bejesus out of women. And no, she's not even talking about her husband emailing bizarre nude self-portraits to his sister. This is actually about the 2012 election.

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Former Bush Aid: Palin 'Not Competent' Enough for Fox News

I don't have enough fingers to count all the different kinds of funny in this story:

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Republican Wants to Send Rape Victims to Prison for Having Abortions

It's time for another "pro-life" pop quiz, boys and girls, so sharpen those No. 2 pencils.

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A Fetus Is Not a Person if it Costs us Money, Says Catholic Church

You know how the Catholic Church is always going on and on ... and on and freakin' on ... about the sanctity of life and also a bunch of vague concepts about liberty 'n stuff? We can't have abortion because every sperm is sacred. We can't have insurance coverage for women's health care because something about Taco Bell and freedom. We can't even fund cancer screening because apparently Jesus was cool with women dying of undetected breast cancer.

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Conservative Women: We Like Sex Too!

In their ongoing quest to figure out why "Screw you people!" wasn't a winning message in 2012, the Republican Party is having lots of meetings and panels and training sessions to learn how to say "Screw you people, please!" Because of course the big lesson they learned from November's ass-kicking wasn't that "screw you" policies are not popular, but that they simply need to find a nicer, friendlier way to say "screw you."

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Bobby Jindal's Ridiculous Birth Control Plot

Well, well, well. What have we here? Why, it's Gov. Bobby Jindal, opining in the pages of the Wall Street Journal that—brace yourselves for this shocker—birth control should be morereadily available. But not because it improves the health and welfare of women and their families. That's crazy talk! No, Jindal wants to make birth control accessible because that will really stick it to the Democrats.

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Will Women Ever Achieve Equality?

Ninety years ago, a young man named Harry T. Burn, at the insistence of his mother to “be a good boy,” changed his vote from “nay” to “yea,” and the generations-long struggle for women’s suffrage was at last won.

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