Jules Netherland

Radical Self-Care: 6 Ways Activism Is Good for You

Seemingly every day we wake to some new terrifying and dispiriting news from the Trump administration. It’s almost too much to bear and yet, we must not only bear it, but continue to resist it and all the other politics of hate.

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The American Medical Association Weighs in on Drug Policy With Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

On June 12th, the esteemed, powerful, and generally staid America Medical Association came out in support of piloting safe injection facilities (SIFs), a truly encouraging sign that organization is ready to embrace research-based strategies to address drug problems in U.S.  In doing so, they followed the lead of the Massachusetts Medical Society, which recently published a report that reviewed the evidence-base supporting the efficacy of SIFs.

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Why We March: Drug Policy Researchers and Allies Take to the Streets for the National March for Science

American drug policies have a problem—they’ve been driven by fear rather than facts for over a century. Although there had been notable gains over the past eight years towards more evidence-based drug policy, many worry that we may be heading in the wrong direction under the Trump administration. That’s why on April 22nd, drug policy researchers and advocates are taking to the streets of D.C. for the national March for Science, wielding facts and compassion in the face of ignorance and hatred.

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