Josiah M. Hesse

U.S. Veteran's Children Taken Away Over His Use of Medical Marijuana

When Raymond Schwab talks about his case, his voice teeters between anger and sadness.

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The Huge Role Alcohol Has Played in the Oval Office

Imagine President Obama walking through the White House at 7am, entering the Oval Office, sitting down at his desk, and taking a shot of whiskey. You might think: Now there’s a man without much ambition for the day. This would not be an unreasonable assessment. Yet several of our nation’s presidents were morning drinkers—as well as daytime and evening drinkers. Many of our U.S. commanders-in-chief exhibited behavior that would, by today’s standards, qualify them as alcoholics. 

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Why Are America’s Poorest Toddlers Being Overprescribed ADHD Drugs?

The following first appeared on

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How I Quit Smoking With the Help of Cigarettes

I’ve hardly left my room in three days, and I’m beginning to smell the poison making its way out my pours. Both sweat and snot drip from my face like a leaky faucet as I manically perform one ab crunch after another, eyes half shut and breath heaving. Cigarettes are strategically placed around the room, some in packs like a collage of pop art, others scattered about individually like bleached finger bones. There is nowhere to look that doesn’t contain a cigarette.

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