Joseph Hickman

CIA Documents Expose the Failed Torture Methods Used on Guantanamo's Most Famous Detainee

It is early on in Abu Zubaydah’s time at a CIA black site. He insists to his interrogators that he has no additional information on jihadist operations planned against the US, but his captor won’t stop slapping him. Eventually a hood is placed over Zubaydah's head and he is placed into a confinement box by unseen security officers. He is told this is his new home until he’s prepared to provide information on operations against the US.

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60,000 US War Veterans Suffering from Health Problems the Govt Wants to Ignore - The Toxic Legacy of Burn Pits

There are over 60,000 U.S. veterans who served in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who are now sick and dying. But the Pentagon denies there is such a health crisis, and the Department of Veterans Affairs is denying these suffering men and women the benefits they desperately need and deserve.

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