Jonathan Bernstein

Republicans Too Busy Ranting on Fox News to Actually Write Any Bills

Are Republicans even trying? There’s good evidence to suggest they are not.

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Dominance: The New Democratic Voting Base Is an Electoral Steamroller

Have the Democrats opened up a real Electoral College advantage over the Republicans?

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Romney and Ryan Have Resorted to Lying as a Form of Debating

The hallmark of Republican thinking these days, especially as expressed in Romney/Ryan rhetoric, is just the sheer laziness of it. That’s presumably a consequence of having developed an amazingly efficient partisan press. There’s just very little incentive remaining to develop actual policies or even a real critique of Barack Obama’s administration. After all, if the president is a Kenyan socialist intent on destroying the United States, it’s hardly necessary to explain exactly where his policies are going wrong or why.

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Blame Fox News, Not Just Mitt

This piece originally appeared at Salon.

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