John Zangas

The FCC Just Voted to End the Internet as We Know It - Now What?

While hundreds of activists rallied outside the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and millions more held their breath, FCC commissioners voted 3-2 to give the keys of the internet to the Telecoms without charging them a single dime. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Comcast got permission to take control of the crown jewel of U.S. communications and with it, draw up their own policies in providing services to customers. The Telecoms could conceivably end or limit access to websites of their choosing, create fast lanes for higher paying “priority” customers and/or slow down (throttle) data to lower priority customers.

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Activists Fight for Net Neutrality, Online and in D.C., Ahead of FCC Vote

Groups against a two-tiered Internet are rallying to beat back FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai’s plan to end Net Neutrality, which will affect users’ ability to access thousands of websites. They are mobilizing with support from activists for a two-day “Break The Internet” effort to temporarily shut down websites and flood Congress with phone calls and messages. They hope to convince Congress not to allow the FCC to vote for the internet to be handed over to a handful of telecoms.

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An Iceberg the Size of Delaware Just Broke Off From Antarctica (Video)

One of the biggest icebergs in recorded history, in both area and volume, broke off from the Antarctic East Peninsula and floated free sometime between Monday and early Wednesday morning. The ice mass separated from the Larsen C shelf in a process known as calving. Its surface area of roughly 2,550 square miles (5,800 sq. km) and average thickness of about 650 feet makes it the third largest iceberg ever recorded. The iceberg, designated as A68, has been tracked by scientists for several years and was expected to calve.

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Protesters at White House Rebuke Trump for Paris Climate Agreement Exit

Dozens of speakers, including leaders of think tanks, former government officials, and representatives from environmental groups converged on the White House Thursday afternoon to criticize President Donald Trump for his decision to back out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Trump’s decision to rescind the U.S. endorsement of the Accord was seen as a set back to collective efforts to curb climate change.

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Indigenous People Lead Climate March on Washington, Protesting Trump's Anti-Environment Agenda

Washington, D.C. -- Hundreds of grassroots environmental groups from around the country rallied Saturday at the U.S. Capitol in a mass march against administration plans to deregulate environmental protections. Among their demands: respect the environment, stop denying climate change exists, continue policies to protect the water and air, and don’t strip EPA regulations.

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In Major Victory for Environment, Maryland Legislature Votes to Ban Fracking

The Maryland Senate voted 35-10 for a state-wide Fracking ban late Monday. The state legislation marks a turning point against oil and gas industry plans to build fracking wells and feeder pipelines across Maryland. The vote came ten days after Republican Governor Larry Hogan came out opposed to the fossil energy extraction process. The Maryland Legislature had enacted a three-year moratorium on fracking in 2014. But Monday's vote enshrined the ban as a permanent major environmental victory.

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AIPAC Protest: Emotions Run High Before Arrival of Trump, Clinton

Washington, DC — A dozen groups, including Al-Alwid, Jewish Voices for Peace and Answer Coalition, protested the annual conference of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). After rallying for Palestinian rights at the White House, large numbers of protesters marched to the conference site, where lines of police officers fended off as many as a thousand people.

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David Beating Goliath: Long Battle Fought for Keystone XL Rejection

Environmentalists celebrated a major victory over Big Oil on Friday night at the White House after President Obama officially announced he would not approve the Northern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline. The 1,700-mile TransCanada project triggered a seven-year battle joined by scores of environmental groups who worked to defeat it.

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Climate Expert James Hansen: The Planet May Become Ungovernable

The repercussions of climate disruption are still not being acknowledged fully, warned climatologist Dr. James Hansen, addressing an audience of Baby Boomer and Greatest Generation climate activists on September 9.

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