Jin Zhao

Schoolgirl’s Tearful Speech Exposes How Jehovah’s Witnesses Silence Women to Protect Rapists

In an emotional speech to her classmates, a schoolgirl who left the Jehovah’s Witnesses exposed the organization’s cover-up of abuse and sexual violence inflicted on women and its effort to silence the victims, the Independent reports.

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Christian Bakers Blame Satan When Crowdfunding to Pay for Discrimination Fine Gets Shut Down

GoFundMe shut down a fundraiser created by anti-gay Christian bakers in Oregon after they raised approximately $110,000 to pay for a court ordered fine, the Gaily Grind reports.

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Restaurant Owner Leaves Note for Hungry Dumpster Divers: Come In and Eat for Free

Ashley Jiron, a sandwich shop owner in Warr Acres, Oklahoma, one day found that someone had torn open the shop’s trash bags and taken out some food from the dumpster behind her building, according to TV station KFOR.

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Why We Should Care About the Homeless Vote

Having a home is not a prerequisite to vote in the United States. But activists and homeless service providers still face major challenges trying to help homeless Americans register.

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Is New York City Trying to Hide Its Homeless?

For a winter night in New York, January 30 was unusually warm. That was a good thing for the over 41,000 New Yorkers who don't have a roof over their heads as well as the 3,000 volunteers who participated in the 2012 Homeless Outreach Population Estimate, a survey of the city's homeless population conducted annually by the NYC Department of Homeless Services. The HOPE survey is meant to provide a point-in-time snapshot of street homelessness in New York, but many homeless activists wonder: What do those estimates really tell us about New Yorkers struggling with housing security? And how effectively do they reflect the city's commitment, or lack thereof, to end homelessness?

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