Jimmy LaSalvia

This Is Why the Drudge Report Poll Matters: In a Bad Year for Polls, This Online Vote Keeps Demonstrating Trump Fervor

Move over Nate Silver. There’s a new predictor in town, and his name is Matt Drudge.

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Matt Drudge Might Elect Donald Trump: The GOP Front-Runner's Secret Weapon Is the Conservative Media Icon

Donald Trump has already won one important primary, and that’s why he’s not going anywhere any time soon.

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Former GOP Activist: I'm Done With the Party of Bigots

I've been a Republican activist all my life. As a volunteer and professional staffer, I held positions in party organizations and campaigns since high school. I was the ultimate partisan team player, even forming GOProud, an organization for gay conservatives and their allies. But I no longer recognize the party I grew up supporting, and I recently announced that I have changed my voter registration to "no party."

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