Jesse Hagopian

What Schools Never Teach About the Black Panther Party, but Should

Fifty years ago this month, the Black Panther Party was born. Its history holds vital lessons for today’s movement to confront racism and police violence, yet textbooks either misrepresent or minimize the significance of the Black Panthers.

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Six Reasons Why the Revolt Against Standardized Testing Is Good for Students and Parents of Color

Corporate education reformers who seek to reduce teaching and learning to a single score are beginning to realize they are losing the public relations battle. Hundreds of thousands of families across the country are opting out in what has become largest revolt against high-stakes testing in U.S. history.

Because most of their arguments are increasingly discredited because of this uprising, they are desperately attempting to cling to one last defense of the need to subject our students to a multibillion-dollar testing industry.

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Five 2015 Victories That Put Cracks In the Tyranny of School Testing

As we enter the new year, many schools around the nation will take a holiday from teaching and solely concentrate on rote memorization in services of standardized test preparation for the spring exams that come attached with strict consequences. And yet there is great hope for education in 2016! Never before in U.S. history have more students, parents and teachers engaged in acts of resistance to standardized tests. During the 2015 testing season, over 620,000 public school students around the U.S. refused to take standardized exams, according to a report by the National Center for Fair & Open Testing (FairTest). This mass movement promises to only expand. Advocates for authentic assessments scored these five significant victories in 2015 against the “testocracy” and its test-and-punish model of education.

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