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Cohen brings satire of Americans to big screen

Sacha Baron Cohen, famous for his satirical style of comedy, is releasing a movie, Borat: Cultural Learning of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

The basic premise: Cohen is Borat, a Kazakhi journalist sent to America to study its people and cultures.

No Americans were harmed in the filming of this movie--but many were embarrassed. An article on states:

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Palestinian Prime Minister receives toxic mail

This short clip, from Palestinian TV and courtesy of Link TV, reveals a shocking allegation:

A letter addressed to the Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh contained what has been confirmed as a toxic substance. The letter was mailed from Tel Aviv.

The letter was opened at the office of the Deputy Prime Minister Naser al-Shaer. Seven employees sustained toxic inhalation related injuries, and the employee that opened the letter is in critical condition.

The headline for this clip on Mosaic's Web site is 'Israel Plans to Assassinate Haniyeh.'

Allow this clip a moment for the English voice-over to catch up.

Tony Snow fears far-left Liberals

Tony Snow proves what most already know--that Republicans are running scared following Ned Lamont's victory. Snow called Lamont's win 'a defining moment for the Democratic party'...but not in a good way.

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Ned Lamont wins CT Democratic primary

Chris Matthews delivers the news the netroots movement has been waiting for... LAMONT WINS!

Lamont sneaked by with a four percent margin of victory. Lieberman, during his concession speech, reiterated the fact that he will be running as an independent come November.

While Matthews interviews an MSNBC contributor, he asks, "What do you make of a guy that loses a primary, but says 'I’m running as a sore loser.'"

...hmmm, I guess we know how Matthews feels about Lieberman.

For more on the primary, check out the AlterNet article Lamont's Victory and Lieberman's Insult to Democracy.

Galloway rips pro-Israel media bias

The always controversial George Galloway was on Sky News and unloaded on the "Rupert Murdoch owned station" for its bias towards Israel. He started out by attacking their short-term memory regarding the conflict and tried to give the crisis more historical context:

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FOX and the 9/11 skeptics

James Fetzer, the Distinguished McKnight University Professor of Philosophy at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, and co-chair of the group Scholars for 9/11 Truth appeared on Heartland with John Kasich to discuss his theories. He manages to get his point across in spite of Kasich’s constant attempts to undermine his points.

Kasich, a former Republican politician, clearly isn't going to take the high road during this interview. He starts the segment, "With the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks approaching, so are a sea of overblown conspiracy theories, some going as far as to say our government was responsible." Shouldn’t the viewers be left to decide for themselves whether or not the theory is ‘overblown’ or farfetched?

He then gets the misinformation going right off the bat by stating, "You have said that bombs were planted inside the world trade center by President Bush's brother and cousin...are you--you can't be really serious about that charge."

No, Fetzer isn't serious, because that isn’t what he’s alleging. What he actually states is not that President Bush's relatives�brother Marvin Bush and cousin Wirt Walker III--physically planted bombs themselves, however, they did both work for a security company involved with both the World Trade Center and United Airlines.

Check out the rest of the clip to listen to Fetzer’s compelling argument.

Fox grills Repub on shameful estate tax ruse

The Republicans attempted to offset an increase in the minimum wage by tying it to a further reduction in the estate tax -- at tax paid by less than one half of one percent of Americans. This, while keeping its own salary in line with cost of living increases with a $3300 raise last month...

The video to the right shows just how much crap Republicans like Sam Brownback (R-KS) think they can sling to the American public. When Fox smacks Republican double-speak down, it's game over. Rough transcript:

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Al Jazeera coverage of Qana bombing

This posting, courtesy of Link TV's Mosaic, shows a news report from Al Jazeera. The images and stories are graphic, gritty and all too real. Watch how the Qana bombings were presented to the Arab world--this is not a watered down version like those shown on U.S. television.

The limp, broken bodies of children are shown being pulled out of the rubble. A young girl is interviewed. Two of her sisters are in the hospital, and five of her other siblings were killed. Her cousin, his wife and their five children were all killed. She says, "Thanks a lot to Condoleezza Rice for doing this to us. Our hopes were destroyed."

Watch this, and then try and explain why a ceasefire is a bad idea.

Chomsky meets with Hezbollah

Noam Chomsky proves why AlterNet readers voted him their most valuable progressive by visiting Lebanon and meeting with Hezbollah leader Nabil Qauq.

In May, Chomsky met with Qauq and visited the Al-Khiyam prison. Al-Khiyam is where Israeli forces kept Lebanese prisoners before the area was liberated in 2000.

Chomsky calls the liberation 'a victory for all the peoples that fight injustice and oppression.' Check out coverage of the trip from New TV, Lebanon.

For more in-depth coverage of Chomsky's visit, check out Znet.

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Israeli Ambassador blames Hezbollah for Qana massacre

At least 60 people in the Lebanese village of Qana were killed on Sunday in an Israeli airstrike, at least 37 of the victims were children.

on Meet the Press Tim Russert spoke with Dan Gillerman, Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. about the Lebanese Prime Minister calling for an immediate cease fire in the wake of this airstrike. Gillerman states:

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Hate crime against Israelis in NYC

A Brooklyn building with an Israeli flag in one of the windows has been smeared with 'blood red' paint, in what may be the first documented U.S. hate crime as a result of the Middle East Crisis in Lebanon and Israel.

A note written in 'blood red ink' was left at the scene, stating,

"...This is for the Lebanese and Palestinians killed by Israeli terrorists..."

This is democracy?

Suicide bombers, armed gunmen, death squads, mass graves and a river overflowing with dead bodies. Iraq, largely forgotten in the past two weeks due to the 'Middle East Crisis,' is rapidly turning into a literal hell on earth.

Last week, roughly 200 Iraqis were murdered.

This report shows various Iraqi citizens who were injured or lost friends and relatives in violent attacks. The segment closes: "With so much random death, will they ever really feel safe again? Ever heal their emotional scars?"

No, probably not.

Dobbs on the other Middle East crisis

In this short clip, Lou Dobbs takes a minute to 'keep things in some perspective' and reminds viewers that its actually not the 13th day of crisis in the Middle's the 1,223rd day (1,224th, since this aired yesterday.)

Dobbs details the amount of American soldiers killed and injured as a result of the Iraq War, and states that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki has said that right now, 100 Iraqis are dying per day. Says Dobbs, "That means 2,400 Iraqis have been killed this month."

But don't panic yet--Al-Maliki will be meeting with President Bush today to discuss "security prevent violence escalating, even more."

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Losing control of Baghdad

Democracy Now! speaks with Borzou Daragahi, Baghdad bureau chief for the LA Times. They discuss the increasing violence in Baghdad and the reaction among Iraqis to the Lebanon crisis.

For a full write-up of this Democracy Now! clip, click here.

To purchase an audio or video copy of this entire program, click here for online ordering or call 1 (888) 999-3877.

Osama Bin Parkinsons and The War on Terrorble Diseases

Jon Stewart looks at the hypocrisy of George Bush being so vehemently opposed to stem-cell research ('murder is wrong!') while being totally down with killing countless Iraqi citizens ('30,000, more or less.')

Bush to use first veto of presidency to prevent life-saving research

Yesterday, the Senate validated the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, which would increase funding for stem cell research...and President Bush plans to veto it as early as today.

The Act lifts restrictions placed on stem cell research from 2001. Democrats and Republicans alike supported the act, which received a 63-37 vote--only four votes short of the two-thirds majority necessary to overthrow a veto.

Tony Snow had this to say to support why Bush will be using the first veto of his presidency:

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Close to a million refugees

The United Nations is warning of a looming humanitarian disaster. The World Health Organization expects the number of Lebanese residents displaced from their homes to reach 900,000 by the end of Tuesday. Over one hundred thousand people have already fled to Syria. Public parks in Beirut now resemble refugee camps filled with displaced residents. The UN peacekeeping force in South Lebanon has said it has been unable to deliver humanitarian aid to stranded civilians because Israel would not guarantee the safe passage of the aid workers. Last week Israeli fire hit an ambulance run by the Lebanese Red Crescent. Aid organizations report many injured people are also unable to reach hospitals because so many roads and bridges have been bombed. Food and medical supplies are also running out in areas.

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DCCC commercial riles Republicans

The following campaign video from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has Republicans in quite the tizzy. Titled, 'A New Direction for America' the ad promotes DCCC Chair Rahm Emanuel, Democratic Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi and House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer

Republicans have taken major offense to images of soldiers' coffins being contrasted with messages like "Washington Republicans have sold America out... American families are paying the price."

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Sheehan criticized for hunger strike

MSNBC must have been feeling particularly venomous toward war protestor Cindy Sheehan. Sheehan appeared on Hardball to talk about the two-month hunger strike she has just started to protest the war.

Norah O'Donnell, substituting for Chris Matthews, relentlessly attacks Sheehan for 'trashing' President Bush, and bullies her with leading questions like 'Isn't this really just more of a publicity stunt?'

Although Sheehan says that her hunger strike is a 'moral reaction to an immoral war' the teaser at the bottom of the screen continues to read 'Starving for Attention.'

Earlier in the interview, O'Donnell mentions that Sheehan may not be speaking for America--just the fringe. However, Sheehan points out that polls indicate that two-thirds of American citizens oppose the Iraq War, which clearly makes for a rather large fringe.

Sheehan's open-ended hunger strike, 'Troops Home Fast' began on July 4 outside the White House. In a statement on her Web site, Sheehan wrote, "We hope the fast will galvanize public attention, invigorate the peace movement, build pressure on elected officials, and get our troops back home!"

Celebrity activists who have already signed on to join Sheehan include Willie Nelson, Danny Glover, Dick Gregory and Dolores Huerta. In mid-August, Sheehan and her fellow protestors will leave the White House and return to 'Camp Casey,' the base Sheehan set up outside Bush's Texas ranch.

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America Runs on Immigrants

Okay, so here’s the deal. North Korea has fired seven test missiles, Iran is still trying to start its own nuclear program, Israel and Palestine are at each others throats…and President Bush is hanging out in a Dunkin’ Donuts in Alexandria, Virginia. Why? Because of the American Dream, that’s why.

The two owners of this very special Dunkin’ Donuts are Iranian-American brothers, their district manager is a Guatemalan-American woman and the store manager is Salvadorian-American.

That’s right�we’re talking immigration. Bush makes an example of the foursome mentioned above because they are living the American Dream. Apparently the ‘American Dream’ has morphed from an abstract vision of a white picket fence into something more realistic--$5.15 an hour at a chain breakfast joint.

At the end of the clip, you see the introduction to the next segment�Condoleeza Rice holding a press conference with Turkish foreign minister Abdullah Gul to discuss the unrest in the Middle East.

Well at least someone in the Bush administration is holding down the fort.

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No Choice When It Comes to License Plates

Now that anti-abortion "Choose Life" license plates are legal in some states, I wonder where's the "Choose Choice" option?

On Monday, June 26, the Supreme Court refused to tackle a lawsuit about the matter, ensuring that the "Choose Life" plates -- which originated In Florida -- remain legal in Louisiana, Tennessee and the few other states where they have grown in popularity.

Proceeds from the plates have raised about $4 million for anti-abortion organizations. And according to the Center for Reproductive Rights, if an organization so much as lists abortion as a post-pregnancy option, they won't receive any proceeds.

Despite strong interest, pro-choice license plates only exist in Montana (and as a decal in Hawaii). If you Google "anti-abortion license plates," all sorts of articles pop up about how they are legal in 13 states -- there's even ordering information. But searching for "pro-choice license plates," you get a smattering of the same stories about anti-abortion plates, a few articles about design contests for a pro-choice plate and a few articles about how states like Tennessee allow anti-abortion plates but refuse to authorize pro-choice ones.

According to a article, Sen. Gloria Butler, D-Ga., sponsored an amendment for a "pro-family, pro-choice" license plate in the Georgia Senate, but dropped it when Republican senators proposed an alternate amendment that would channel funds from the pro-choice license plate to adoption agencies instead of Planned Parenthood, as Butler wanted. In fact, those same senators specifically prevented any group that provided abortions from receiving any license plate revenue. Apparently they missed the point that a license plate for choice should aid organizations that actually advocate choice.

Republican South Carolina Sen. Mike Fair came up with what he evidently saw as a solution to the debate. In 2005 he introduced a bill to the South Carolina general assembly that would allow for a "Choose Death" license plate. (Yes, he was serious). Of course, the proceeds wouldn't go to nonprofit organizations advocating abortion as an option -- the funds would go to the Department of Mental Health, where they would be "used for post-abortion trauma counseling for females who have chosen to have abortions."

As if the modern pro-choice movement isn't being shafted enough, the anti-choice license plate depicts two crayon-doodled happy children as artwork. Why do anti-abortionists have the right to use smiling children as propaganda? Were they "lucky" enough to have happy, stable lives -- or were they born into poverty, to an unprepared mother or a couple that simply didn't want kids?

If it's ever actually manufactured, a pro-choice license plate could have smiling kids on it, too. Maybe they would smile because they knew that one mistake doesn't have to irrevocably change their lives, or because their right to reproductive freedom is protected -- for now. Or maybe they would just be smiling at the irony that an actual abortion is legal but a license plate supporting one isn't.

Editor's note: Some of the information from this article came from a clip on CNN that can be viewed here:

Jon Stewart Threatens America

This segment from Scarborough Country asks the question 'Is Jon Stewart a danger?' The question is based on a recent study that claims that Jon Stewart, popular in the 18-34 age group, increases cynicism, and therefore decreases voter turnout.

AlterNet must be contributing to Stewart's plan to ruin democracy, because a Daily Show clip ran during this Scarborough segment is the exact same one that ran a few days ago here on AlterNet.

The study made the following claims that viewers are more likely to...
-think leaders are incompetent
-think that the electoral college is flawed
-distrust the media

It seems like what this really comes down to is that Stewart is telling the truth...and by telling the truth, he's somehow ruining democracy for everyone. Way to go, Jon.

This is the same arguement made a few days ago by Richard Morin of The Washington Post. His commentary was covered in PEEK.

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FOX Jumps Gun with Airstrike Reports

In the immediate aftermath of an explosion on the Gaza Strip, CNN and FOX both amassed information for their developing stories.

This first clip is from FOX from 11:24 a.m. This anchorwoman states that the explosion is the result of an Israeli airstrike. Actually, to be fair, their embedded reporter states that witnesses believe that the explosion was the result of an Israeli airstrike. However, FOX takes the information and runs with it--with the news anchorwoman referring to the explosion as an Israeli airstrike, and running a teaser that states 'Israeli Airstrike kills one.'

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Colbert Loves the Bushies

Steven Colbert proves he isn't a jerk--he just plays one on TV.

Colbert plays nice in this interview with CNN's Soledad O'Brien. O'Brien asks Colbert about the scathing speech he made at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Colbert's clever Bush-bashing earned him both kudos and criticism, and got plenty of TV coverage. However, Colbert reigns in his biting wit and gushes about the Bush administration, saying Tony Snow was "very nice," and claiming that President Bush 'could not have been nicer to my mom.' He sums up his experience as a 'really great time.'

Maybe he was just being docile because he wants everyone to go see his movie?

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Exclusive Clip From The Road to Guantanamo

On December 28th, U.S. forces policing the prison take three Britons and fly them to a detention center at Kandahar air base, where they are beaten and interrogated, by both U.S. soldiers and the SAS. During the flight to Kandahar, their heads are covered with burlap sacks and they were secured in a stress position while in the cargo plane. Shafiq Rasul (one of the Tipton Three) recalls the flight to Khandahar:

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Teen Causes Stir with anti-Iraq War Video

If you don't like a 15-year-old exercising her freedom of speech, you should threaten to kill her. Sound bizarre? Well, not if you're Ava Lowery, who blogs and creates videos on her Web site Peace Takes Courage. Lowery, who is only 15, has received both violent criticism and impassioned support for one of her most recent posts, What Would Jesus Do? In this video she contrasts Bush's 'mission from God' with graphic images of the youngest victims of the violence in Iraq.

Murtha discredits Iraq War Resolution

Representative John Murtha opened the discussion for Democrats on House Resolution 861�the Iraq War Resolution. Murtha spoke for about thirty minutes detailing why the U.S. needs to redeploy its troops.

In the first clip Murtha points out that when President Bush visited Baghdad, he said he was "glad to see democracy in action" even though he and his associates were “afraid to go out of the Green Zone.� He states that, since the U.S. has occupied Iraq, 900,000 citizens have left the country, a phenomenon he terms ‘voting with their feet.’

He also states that, shortly after the occupation began, it became clear that several projects needed to be taken care of immediately to improve situations with trash, sewage, electricity and jobs, none of which have yet been achieved. Murtha continues that the U.S. is said to be ‘making progress’ in Iraq. However, if this is so, then why has the number of daily attacks increased from 53 in 2004 to 90 in 2006? The size of the insurgency has also increased�from 15,000 members in 2004 to 20,000 in 2006. Murtha states, “That’s the way I measure whether its progress or not progress.�

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Moby wants you to save the internet

Moby teams up with Politics TV to discuss how important it is to prevent big telecom companies from controlling the internet. Moby urges concerned citizens to call Congress and tell them to keep internet usage free from corporate control.

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Former Gitmo detainee speaks out

While government officials and Bill O'Reilly can claim that Guantanamo Bay is an upstanding institution, Shafiq Rasul tells a different story -- and he was a prisoner there. Rasul and his companions have filed a suit [against the US gov] requesting money in exchange for the damages, both physically and emotionally, that they incurred from being wrongfully held at Guantanamo.

Rasul and several companions were detained at Guantanamo for two years without access to legal representation before being released. When originally captured it was alleged that they were fighting illegally for Al Qaeda. Rasul, a British citizen, contends that they were really in Afghanistan to deliver an aid package from a mosque, and they were caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time. He says he did not sympathize with Al Qaeda or the Taliban and he believes Osama Bin Laden is a terrorist who should be tried for his crimes.

As far as what happened at Guantanamo, Rasul said, "All it amounts down to is torture." He tells stories of being shackled in uncomfortable positions for hours while being interrogated, beaten and put into solitary confinement. One U.S. military personnel even told him that he would remain in Guantanamo indefinitely. When asked about suicide, he claims it was inevitable -- and that suicide attempts are far more rampant than Guantanamo officials let on.

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Extreme NY Post confuses Letterman

In this short clip David Letterman is baffled by a recent 'New York Post' cover featuring the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

The editors at 'The New York Post' - not an esteemed publication on the best of days - were clearly so excited by the death of terrorist al-Zarqawi that they forgot the protocol of journalistic integrity.

The cover, which Letterman holds up to the cameras, has a huge close-up photo of Zarqawi's bruised, cut-up face, with a speech bubble proclaiming "warm up the virgins." Let's hope the Pulitzer people were paying attention.

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Blair bashes Bush tax logic

You can't cut taxes and increase spending at the same time? WHAT?! In this clip, British Prime Minister Tony Blair gives a crash course on the logic of taxes, claiming that no "alchemy" exists between cutting and spending at the same time. He states, "There's no way we could have made huge investments in schools and hospitals...and pursued massive cuts in income taxes at the same time." Since Bush has been trying to spin fiscal gold for the past eight years, we can only hope he tuned in for the lesson in logic. Phrases Bush should pay particular attention to: expecting to cut taxes and increase spending is "completely unrealistic" because "it never quite works like that." Blair concludes: "You just can't do it." Got it, Dubya?

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