Jen Waller

8 Ways to Stay Safe at Occupy Wall Street's One-Year Anniversary Protests

2011 and 2012 may go down as the years in American history when political dissent became a criminal activity. The police crackdown began with the mass arrest on the Brooklyn Bridge and police brutality, followed by the evictions of Occupy encampments and the passage of the NDAA, which allows for the indefinite detainment of American citizens. This year has brought FBI raids, grand jury subpoenas, government-manufactured terror plots, surveillance of activists, and protest-related criminal convictions resulting in prison time. Dissenting voices are carrying loud and clear to the ears of the rich and powerful, and in turn, the powerful are waging an all-out assault against any who choose to resist.

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Exposed: Undercover Agents at Occupy Austin Entrapped Protesters, Endangered Activists

Activists with Occupy Austin revealed Wednesday that an Austin Police Department detective’s entrapment led to the seven arrests on Dec. 12, 2011, during the Gulf Port Action in Houston, Texas. The seven protesters are facing up to two years in state prison, and one activist, Iraq war veteran Eric Marquez, has been in jail since December as a result of the charges.

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