Jefferson Morley

Trump's DNI pick laid out his right-wing fever dream should he land the Cabinet post — here's why the intelligence community is pushing back

Imagine the indictment of a former national security official in the Obama administration for violation of the Espionage Act. Imagine James Clapper or Sally Yates facing the same charges as Julian Assange or Chelsea Manning.

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Trump knows that peacemaking is good politics in 2020 — do Democrats?

If there’s one thing Democrats agree on, it is that President Trump’s very brief visit to the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) to shake hands with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is a “photo op,” not a substantive move; a stunt, not diplomacy.

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Why Trump and Putin are only frenemies at this point

President Trump’s campaign of “maximum pressure” on Iran has hit an obstacle: Russia.

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Super Bowl Sunday and 'taking the knee': Here are 6 times national anthem protests rocked America

President Trump’s rage about how certain unnamed "sons of bitches" (i.e., Colin Kaepernick) are disrespecting the national anthem is an old story in American life. The national anthem, intended to be a song of unity, has also long divided us.

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CIA in Venezuela: 7 rules for regime change

As President Trump pulls U.S. troops out of Syria and Afghanistan, his secretary of state Mike Pompeo and national security adviser John Bolton are taking their frustrated interventionist impulses south to Venezuela.

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NBA star Enes Kanter has reason to fear Turkish strongman backed by Trump

Enes Kanter, a 6-foot-11 star basketball player for the New York Knicks, won’t play an NBA game in London later this month because he fears the Turkish government may attempt to kill him.

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