Jeff Stein

Listen to White House Terrorism Expert Sebastian Gorka's Unhinged Call to a Critic

An embattled White House terrorism advisor whose academic credentials have come under widespread fire telephoned one of his main critics at home Tuesday night and threatened legal action against him, Newsweek has learned. Sebastian Gorka, whose views on Islam have been widely labeled extremist, called noted terrorism expert Michael E. Smith II in South Carolina and…

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Why the War on Drugs Is Poised to End - Even If 'Wire' Creator David Simon Worries It Won't

Every so often, a fringe political movement wins mainstream acceptance so quickly that its codification in law — once at hand — feels both obviously correct and long overdue.

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The Clinton Dynasty's Horrific Legacy: More Drug War, More Prisons

Hillary Clinton wants to run for president as an economic populist, as a humane progressive interested in bolstering the fortunes of poor and middle class Americans. But before liberals enthusiastically sign up for Team Hillary, they should remember this: In the late 1990s, Bill Clinton played in instrumental role in creating the world’s largest prison system — one that has devastated our inner cities, made a mockery of American idealism abroad, and continues to inflict needless suffering on millions of people. And he did it with his wife’s support.

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Walter Scott Was Not the Only One - North Charleston Police Have Stunning Record of Abuse

Sheldon Williams was sleeping at a Budget Inn in North Charleston, South Carolina, when five police officers entered his motel room. After finding Williams hiding under a mattress, the officers pinned the unarmed man to the concrete floor, handcuffed him, and then began stomping on his face. Williams, an African-American, was unarmed and never accused of resisting arrest.

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Notable Anti-Drone Activist and Grandmother Sentenced to Prison for Photographing Protest

This story originally appeared in The Ithaca Voice.

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