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NetNomad 80

EmailAlibi.com http://www.emailalibi.com

EmailAlibi.com offers a free service called delayed emails. Suppose you were supposed to meet John or Jane Doe for lunch but want to beg off because you simple can't bear to hear them sucking their roast beef through their yellow teeth (or something like that). This service will send the offensive ones three emails from you, sent on a delayed basis so that while you emails are being sent (making it look like you really were stuck at the office) you can actually go out and feast with your real friends.

ElvisFind http://www.elvisfind.com

Can't get enough of the late one? (We don't mean to imply he is dead; he's just prone to being late is all.) ElvisFind is a rather nifty search engine and site directory that deals with everything Elvis related. The site also features in-depth reviews of the sites and don't forget to drop by the "ElvisFind Score" page where you can vote for your most popular Elvis site.

Save John Stossel http://www.savejohnstossel.com

John Stossel is a reporter who, according to this site "has raised the dander of many with his unique ability to debunk conventional wisdom and expose special interests, politicians, and politically correct causes." In other words, he is known for bending the truth and manufacturing consent. Some people are called paranoid when they take offense to articles written about them. In Stossel's case the moments of quiet reflection are quite justified.

Language of the Land http://lcweb.loc.gov/exhibits/land

There are few countries in the world that can lay claim to as many regional styles of literature as those found in the United States. The Library of Congress has put together a site the explores the main authors from the various regions. Subtitled Journeys Into Literary America, each region contains a glimpse of the area along with a simple yet compelling photograph or drawing. Strangely enough it is worth it just for the photos alone.

Hair-Styles.org http://www.hair-styles.org

We learn here that "wanting a new hair style every few weeks is not fickle, it is merely evidence of being multidimensional." So there. They will also help you pick out the best hair style for your type, and impart various other truths along the way on topics such as will hair only grow so long before it comes to a dead stop and summer hair care tips.

NetNomad 79

Unholly Roller http://www.carthedral.com/

It is called an "art car," which means that it is a vehicle "that's been permanently, artistically altered." And man has it been altered! The car is called Carthedral and it looks like it was created for a Mad Max movie. It is a hearse with incredibly detailed designs throughout, and also features a VW bug stuck on top. The car stands 12' 10" and is not only street legal, but is still under the legal height limit. And lest we forget, the car was build by a woman, Rebecca Caldwell. Well worth a visit.

Flame Warriors http://www.winternet.com/~mikelr/flame1.html

The warriors of today no longer train for battle. They simply sign on to the Internet and start typing. They can stir it up with the best of them, but what makes these Flame Warriors tick? Well, it turns out that, like most things in life, there are different types of Warriors. In fact there are almost 80 different sorts, including the Blowhard (who feels the need to present his credentials before entering the fray), the Loopy (the Loopy is a certifiable nut case), the Stone Deaf (he simply refuses to acknowledge any arguments he doesn't like) and of course the ALLCAPS.

ScoopMe: Video Tape Lending Library http://www.scoopme.com/tapes/

ScoopMe bills itself as the "world's only video tape lending system." Users list tapes they have available for lending, and allows other users to search the database and "borrow" any tapes that might be of interest. There are currently 463 active tapes in the library that includes TV shows, movies and more. The site does not actually house the tapes; it simply allows users to contact each other with tape offers or requests.

Awards Scoop http://www.awardsscoop.org/

Another scoop, this one having to do with Internet Awards. There are dozens of Web-related Internet awards handed out around the world and this site lists most of them. Various categories include print publication awards, online publications, organizations, and worldwide organizations. It is worth noting that not all the awards are commercial in nature and some of the best honor humanitarian sites. Links are provided to all sites, of course.

James http://www.jamestheband.com/

It is hard to believe that the latest "Pleased to Meet You" is the 11th CD for this British band. Harder still to believe is the Manchester group has gained so little recognition on this side of the Atlantic. It would be comforting to think that this latest epic will remedy that situation with its killer songs like "The Shining," "Senorita," "Alaskan Pipeline," "Space" and the title tune. The site brings fans new and old up to date with a complete history of the band, tour information and a few music clips. Check them out if you like original and intelligent music.

NetNomad 76

Jump The Shark Music www.rollingstone.com/games/jumptheshark

They call it "jumping the shark," that moment when an artist goes from being your favorite to become just another group. Did Metallica cross over to the land of no return when they went after Napster? And what was the deal with Destiny's Child lipsyncing at the NBA Finals? Pick a category and cast your vote. And be sure to check out the Jump the Shark Television as well.

EyeWitness to the 20th Century www.ibiscom.com/20frm.htm

It was just a few days ago that one of the last (if not the last) living survivor of the sinking of the Titanic died. This site features a first-hand account of the sinking from Elizabeth Shutes, then aged 40, who was governess to nineteen-year-old Margaret Graham who was traveling with her parents. Visitors will also find first-hand accounts of Spiro Agnew's bribery payment, the final days of Capt. Robert Scott's expedition in the Antarctic and much more.

FOUND Magazine www.foundmagazine.com

You may have heard of "found" art, pieces of art that are created using found objects. Well, here's a magazine that follows the same principle. Editor Davy Rothbart's idea was to have "people send me discovered notes, sketches, etc. plucked from the street, subway, bus stop, public library or dead letter office." The result is a wonderful collection of photos, notes and other objects, many of which can be found at this online version of the magazine.

Political Compass www.politicalcompass.org

In this time of a so-called global economy and renewed fighting in the streets, perhaps it is time to revisit our old notions of what it means to be "right" or "left" in the political spectrum. As they say here, "on the standard left-right scale, how do you distinguish leftists like Stalin and Gandhi?" The fine folks at One World Action have come up with a series of agree or disagree questions that will help you to determine where you stand in the new world.

Safemode.org www.safemode.org

At Safemode.org you can find out all the latest information about the most recently defaced Websites. Unlike many such sites, Safemode does not copy from other sites, only lists sites that they have seen with their own eyes and will only divulge that information that you actually see on the site. A mailing list is also available if you'd like to keep up on all the latest defacements. You might be amazed by how many sites are defaced each day.

NetNomad 74

The Wiretap Network

Now that The Sopranos are done for another season, you can find your weekly Mob fix at The Wiretap Network's Frank & Fritzy Show. The tapes are culled from FBI wiretaps of Federico "Fritzy" Giovanelli, a Genovese crime family soldier talking with his pal, namely Frank "Frankie California" Condo, a fellow Genovese soldier. They spend their time talking about life, sex, work, girlfriends, vitamins, movies, enlarged hearts, cholesterol counts and marital strife. The tapes are available online via RealPlayer and a transcript is also available. You may need it.


Web promotion for upcoming movies has taken a decidedly odd turn with Steven Spielberg's A.I. As we learn here, over 30 Web sites, all apparently interconnected, have sprung to life. We say "apparently" because neither Spielberg nor anyone else is commenting on the matter, but the home base is a seemingly innocuous, and fake, home page for the Chan family and the death of one Evan Chan, all set in the year 2142. Other sites can also be found, but not very easily. A series of chat groups have also been set up to help make sense of the future.

State of Emergency

As part of the Rockstargames.com site, State of Emergency is an "urban riot game" in which players use "pipes, bricks and benches, even dismembered body parts'' to vent their anger against the corporate world. Players attack riot cops and generally loot storefronts in opposition to the "American Trade Organization." A spokesman for Seattle's Mayor's office has said such games send "a bad message to children and distorts the message of peaceful protesters." Does he really consider Seattle to have been a peaceful protest? To play the game, use the "Game" link at the top of the page.

System Conditions

The system in question relates to the rotating blackouts in California. This graph, which refreshes every minute, displays the forecast and actual electricity requirements for the state. An accompanying written notice indicates any extenuating circumstances that might lead to increased loads (such as high temperatures in the region) and is updated on a daily basis. It doesn't look like much, but the fact that the data are recorded in real time is quite amazing.

Lost Highway Records

Lost Highway Records was named after a Hank Williams song and was created as a home for artists who might have a hard time finding commercial success in Nashville. And what a group it is. The latest releases include Lucinda Williams' wonderful Essence, Whiskeytown's Pneumonia (recorded three years ago and lost in the merging shuffle until it found a home at Lost Highway) and O Brother Where Art Thou? the breakthrough release that has sold an amazing one million copies. Looking ahead, watch for a forthcoming Ryan Adams solo effort, Down from the Mountain, featuring the O Brother performers and the latest from Robert Earl Keen.

NetNomad 73

White Lesbian Name Generator www.lustydevil.com/lesboname.html

What's in a name? Plenty, according to the White Lesbian Name Generator. This site invites those who have come out to cast aside the name of the oppressor and "take a name that will help Lesbian Nation find you and welcome you to the Sistserhood." So Alice might now be known as Indigo ShortFruit, Jane could be Powerful FireThunder, Gail known as Flow NightNation and Trish becomes Polyester StormyCakes. Mind you, James becomes Squash WickyMountain...

Face on Mars science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2001/ast24may_1.htm?list540155

You may recall some years ago a photo on the surface of Mars revealed what appeared to be a face, indicating that someone had created this work of art. We knew in our hearts that the Face on Mars would turn out to be a mound of dirt just like any other mound of dirt, whether on earth or on Mars. Now new high-resolution images from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft reveal the Face on Mars for what it really is: a mesa. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted...

I Love Zombies Page www.zombiejuice.com/zombies.htm

Zombie Lovers of the World Unite at the I Love Zombies page. We weren't sure what a zombie actually was until we visited this site where we learn that are toxic zombies, demon zombies, diseased zombies and a drink. Once you've picked your favorite, you read up on the latest zombie movies, zombie games and more.

Guardian Unlimited Top Ten Books books.guardian.co.uk/top10s

Here's a Top 10 book list with a big difference. The Guardian newspaper in the UK has asked a variety of people to list their favorite books on various genres. So we find novelist Jeffrey Archer's telling us his political books, Rob Grant, co-creator of Red Dwarf, lists his favorite comic SF novels and all-round rich guy Mohamed al Fayed tells us his favorite novels. You'll also find the best travel, business, music, rock and pop books. Elsewhere on this site you'll also find first chapters from some of the latest novels.

Los Super Seven www.legacyrecordings.com/lossuperseven/

Formed in 1998, Los Super Seven's first CD won a Grammy Award for Best Mexican/American Musical Performance. Four of the original Super Seven's are back, including David Hidalgo and Cesar Rosas of Los Lobos for a CD entitled "Canto." This time out the group has expanded its sphere of influence to include the music of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Peru and Brazil. The end result is a wonderful mix of traditional and new songs that add an entirely new dimension to Latin music.

NetNomad 72

Jargon File Resources www.tuxedo.org/~esr/jargon

Hackers are known for many things, one of which is their penchant for slang. You can't be in the hacker group if you don't have the slang down pat, and The Jargon file is "a comprehensive compendium of hacker slang illuminating many aspects of hackish tradition, folklore, and humor." We learn here that hackers "speech generally features extremely precise diction, careful word choice, a relatively large working vocabulary, and relatively little use of contractions or street slang."

Typing Speed Test 1.1 www.designsthatsell.com/typingtest.htm

Here it is, 2001 and there's still no sign of half-decent voice-activated typing. No, we're still typing, some better than others. If you want to find out exactly how many words you type per minute, you can use the Typing Speed Test to type out the text for 60 seconds. At the end of the prescribed time the test will end and simply click on the Results button to find out your "score."

The Demined Trust www.demineduk.uklinux.net

The Deminded Trust was set up in order to help provide low-cost landmine clearance machinery for Third World countries. The Red Cross believes that as many as 2000 people are killed or seriously injured by landmines every month. The site includes a complete history of the charitable organization, along with various activities and other useful links.

iLOR Search Engine www.ilor.com

Here's a brand new search engine on the block and it is called iLOR, which takes its name from "Internet lore." iLOR is not just a "search engine" but a "Research Engine." The search result page is almost identical to Googles, but if you "mouse" the result you will be provided with a number of options. You can add the page to your list that keeps track of your searches; you can "anchor" the search so you can open window containing a link to the search results page; or you can open the search result in the taskbar or on a separate page.

GlobalVillageIdiot www.globalvillageidiot.net

It is nothing but bare-bones text, but this magazine of world music is definitely worth a visit. There are tons of timely CD reviews, mostly of the world variety, but thankfully their criteria for "world" is very broad and includes everything from Kirsty MacColl, The Rising Sons, Los Lobos and more. There's also interviews, book reviews and charts from around the world.

NetNomad 71

Famous Name Changes www.famousnamechanges.com

They start out life just like the rest of us, often with ordinary names and ordinary lives. Somewhere along the way they decide, or are convinced, that a new name will give them a new lease on their professional career. So Reginald Dwight became Elton John, Demetria Guynes became Demi Moore and Anna Mae Bullock was reborn as Tina Turner. And you'll find plenty more in various fields, including religion, sports and more.

My Global Adventure www.myglobaladventure.com

Anastasia (Asia) Nelson recently won a competition to become the "host" of My Global Adventure, a trek that will see her visit 24 countries in eight months. The entire adventure will be Webcast on the Internet and will eventually wind up on TV as well. The catch is that Internet viewers will be able to help her choose from various adventures along the way. In the first week, viewers can vote for Asia to paraglide, rock climb or have a mud bath in the Czech Republic.

Use of U.S. Forces Abroad www.history.navy.mil/wars/foabroad.htm

The information here was created by Ellen C. Collier, Specialist in U.S. Foreign Policy, and is subtitled Instances of Use of United States Forces Abroad, 1798 - 1993. The tone is boastful as it works its way through the "234 instances in which the United States has used its armed forces abroad in situations of conflict or potential conflict or for other than normal peacetime purposes." But 234 instances are a lot of instances even if some of them were justified. Interesting reading indeed.

Apocalypse Then, and Now www.nytimes.com/2001/05/13/arts/13THOM.html

It was a movie that became what it had portrayed, a sprawling, overextended money-pit that some feared would never end. The war in Vietnam did finally end, and Francis Ford Coppola's movie Apocalypse Now was delivered to audiences worldwide to mass acclaim, but Mr. Coppola was not content, regretting that he had had to make too many concessions just to get the movie out. Now he has been given a chance to take another kick at the can and a new version of the film, replete with over 50 minutes of additional footage, has become the talk of the Cannes Film Festival. "Apocalypse Now Redux" will hit theaters in August but in the meantime read this wonderful overview from The New York Times.

John Hartford www.johnhartford.com

Sad news is making its way across the Internet in regards to the health of one of America's true innovators, John Hartford. Known at the beginning of his career as the composer of "Gentle on My Mind," Hartford went on to become a pioneer of "new" bluegrass and country on albums like "Aero-Plain" and "Morning Bugle," combining the traditional with modern in a way that has never been duplicated. In later years he became a licensed riverboat captain and an inspiration to new artists like Mark O'Connor. He will be missed but his music will truly live on.

NetNomad 70

Baby Naming Service www.cool-baby-names.com/naming-service-order.htm

Sure we're all busy, but is anyone honestly too busy to name their own child? The folks at Cool Baby Names think so. Not only do they have a database of "cool" baby names, but fill in the form with the "type of names you'd like" (whether biblical, color, trendy, place names or ethnic) and Cool Baby names will send you five suitable names. For a fee. Yes, a fee. And a rather steep one at that.

Department of Perpetual Motion www.university-of-slough.org.uk

You've heard of cold fusion? Well, the Department of Perpetual Motion at the University of Slough is investigating the theory that dropping a cat "with a buttered back" from a small height (1 metre or less) could mimic the principles of perpetual motion, thereby providing the human race a rich, never ending pollution free source of energy! (Noting of course that "disposal of feline poo and wee will be a minor problem as long as normal health precautions are made.")

TedsTurnovers.com www.tedsturnovers.com

This page is huge and takes ages to load, but it is worth the wait. TedsTurnovers.com is "a community site dedicated to the memory and success of those who, following the AOL-Time Warner merger, went the way of the dodo." The site contains audio taken from CNN Center on the day layoffs were announced, a "revelation" that "TalkBack Live" host Bobbie Battista is, in fact, Robby Benson, a "quote" from actress Tiffani Amber Thiessen who thinks her one appearance on "News Radio" should qualify her for a job at the new CNN and all the latest about Andrea Thompson.

PrisonSucks.com www.prisonsucks.com

Despite its rather unfortunate, if honest title, this Website serves as a wonderful database of information on what it calls "the crime control industry." For example, as of 30 June 2000, there were 1,931,859 people in U.S. prisons and jails; in the same year, black male prisoner population comprised of 7,119 per 100,000, while in South Africa under apartheid (in 1993) the number of black prisoners of that country totaled 851 per 100,000.

Flaco Jimenez www.flacojimenez.com

"What B.B. King is to the blues, or George Jones is to traditional country, Grammy-winning accordionist Flaco Jimenez is to the world of Tex-Mex Conjunto." So says Ramiro Burr in "The Billboard Guide to Tejano and Mexican Music." Flaco (the nickname means skinny or thin) has had not only a remarkable solo career, but has played with Douglas Sahm, Bob Dylan and Ry Cooder and served as a member of The Texas Tornadoes and Los Super Seven. You'll find a bio here, along with a listing of his five Grammy awards and an online store featuring T-shirts, a fan club and autographed photos.

NetNomad 69

Error 403.141592 www.mcsquared.com/error1.htm

Error messages on the Web are a dime a dozen, but here's an error message that's actually funny. In fact it is a series of error messages, one leading to the next, all fabricated and very entertaining. Although it is clear early on, moving from one to the next, that you're being set up, you trudge on. And the promise to send you somewhere significant notwithstanding, you have that sinking feeling that you will eventually end up right back where you started, but that's okay. Why not just sit back and enjoy the journey.

Dennis Tito, Space Tourist www.space.com/missionlaunches/missions/tito_story_archive-1.html

They cannot call him an astronaut, because of course he is not one. He is a US businessman who, like many ordinary people, has had a lifelong desire to fly in space. But Tito, unlike most of us, had the money to realize his dream, paying the Russians some $12 to $20 million for the ticket to ride into space. Tito's job, according to a review at Space.com, is to stay out of the way and enjoy the view.

NoLogo www.nologo.org

So how do you market a book about corporate culture without becoming a part of the corporate mindset? And what of a related Website? Should it be used to increase sales of the book, or should it be used to further "the cause," in this case those citizens who live on the outskirts of the corporate elite? Author Naomi Klein has taken the high road, creating a site that will not only speak out on behalf of those who have no voice in LogoLand, but will also give them a place to address issues that might not find an avenue elsewhere.

Carry On www.carryon.org

"A captain must understand his men so I'm going to use a psychological approach. I don't claim to be a Jung man..." "So long as your Jung at heart, Sir." Those lines are taken from the most unlikely of places. The Carry On movies were one of Britain's oddest exports, a series of films that believed that nothing in life was funnier than the double entree. Started in the 50s, they stuck to the pattern for many years, despite the changing times. The films seemed dated then, and seem only more so now. But in reflection there is also something quite refreshing in this refusal to change with the times. And besides, in the right hands, there really is nothing quite as funny as a double entree.

Jerry Garcia www.jerrygarcia.com

He may not have been the most misunderstood musician in America, but he was pretty high up on some lists. Garcia was the lead guitarist and songwriter for The Grateful Dead and while there is no hope of ever convincing anti-Dead fans that he was one of the finest musicians to emerge from America, fans of the master will certainly enjoy this, the official Garcia site. Highlights include a video clip (from an upcoming documentary entitled "'Grateful Dawg" ) of Garcia and Eric Thompson from the early bluegrass days, new and older CDs, interviews and limited edition art prints.

NetNomad 68

Nike iD www.shey.net/niked.html

When Jonah Peretti ran across a Nike site that allowed him to create personalized runners, he had one of those moments of pure inspiration: Why not "create" a pair of shoes emblazoned with the word "sweatshop." The folks at Nike were not amused. They refused Jonah's request, prompting him to write and ask for an explanation. One was proffered, of course, and in time many such letters had been accumulated. What else could Jonah do, then, but send copies of the missives to his friends. Who sent them to their friends who sent them ...

Beans Around the World www.geocities.com/beansaroundtheworld

Here's a modern-day take on the message in a bottle. The bottle this time is a can of beans that has traveled around the world. It began as a simple joke, with two mates passing the can back and forth but it soon evolved into a world wide game, with friends and strangers snapping pics of the beans in China, Washington and elsewhere. Everyone is welcome to join in; simply take a picture of the beloved beans with the historical site of interest in the background and send it on in.

Amazing Embarrassonic Human Karaoke Machine www.embarrassonic.com

The Amazing Embarrassonic Human Karaoke Machine calls themselves an "interactive rockstar fantasy experience" that allows would-be singers to actually front a three-piece rock band. Choose from over 350 songs (by AC/DC, Neil Diamond, Elton John, Elvis and others) and the human karaoke machine will do the rest. The band is touring California at the moment and there is a full list of songs online, as well as a mailing list so you can plan your gigs ahead of time.

Hubble: A View to the Edge of Space www.exploratorium.edu/origins/hubble

It is almost beyond comprehension in our day-to-day lives, but while we sit and moan and groan about the weather and the price of gas, the Hubble Space Telescope continues to chart the very fringes of space. The further it sees, the further back in time we can see, back to the origins of our world and the rest of the world. This site brings together all the latest news reports, pictures and special live events.

Guided By Voices www.gbv.com

GbV would seem to have many strikes against them. For starts the de facto leader of the band, Bob Pollard, was until 1994 an elementary school teacher. Add this to the fact that some 40 musicians have wandered through the Dayton, Ohio band and you might think it a recipe for disaster. GbV is in fact a killer rock band and their latest, Isolation Drills, will surely be tagged as one of the best CDs of the year. A bonus for eager fans: early pressings of the CD allow downloading of bootleg songs from the official GbV site, which also contains a full bio on past and present band members, an entertaining FAQ and information on Suitcase, a sort of best-of CD of 100 unreleased GbV songs.

Happy Holidays!